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Regent College London Team

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Tharshiny Pankaj is the co-founder, CEO and Academic Registrar at Regent College London.
EA: Karen Garner.


Dr Selva Pankaj is the co-founder, CEO, Principal and Accountable Officer of Regent College London, founded in 2000.
EA: Karen Garner.

Board of Directors - Selva Pankaj

Regent College London Management Team

David Donnarumma, Provost

Caroline Walsh, Deputy Provost

Aamena Hanif, Chief Partnerships Officer, Secretary to the Board

Carol-Ann Maxworth, Chief Commercial Officer

Paras Patel, Chief Financial Officer

Luke Paramasivam, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

Steve Phillips, Chief International Officer

Awais Ashfaq, Chief Technology Officer

Sam Reynolds, Chief Operations Officer

Jun Li, Chief Registry Officer

Stephen James, Digital Intelligence Strategist

Paul Myers, Director of Real Estate

Victor Torres, Head of Academic Operations

Emilia Bland, Head of Marketing

Nikita Patel, Head of Commercial Operations

Abdi Farah, Head of Strategic Development – TIC

Michaela Kurinova, Head of Business Development

Karen Garner, Executive Assistant to CEO

Deans of Schools

Kashif Khan, Dean of School of Business and Law

Professor Ilias Oraifige, Dean of School of Engineering and Computing

Dr Morris Anglin, Dean of School of Health and Sports Science

Academic Management

School of Business and Law

School of Engineering and Computing

School of Health and Sports Science