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Flexible study to suit your lifestyle

Modern life is busy and demanding. We believe that flexible, tailored study is a baseline for contemporary education. This is why we offer:

  • day, evening and weekend classes
  • multiple study locations across London
  • student development sessions to enhance your personal and professional development
  • Thinking into Character; a suite of free transformational learning programmes

Three modes of study available

At Regent College London, we understand the importance of accommodating different learning styles and preferences. That’s why we’re proud to offer three distinct study options:

1. On-Campus Learning: This traditional approach is perfect for those who thrive in a lively academic environment. It allows for direct interaction with peers and faculty, fostering a strong sense of community.

2. Blended Learning: For students seeking a balance, our blended option combines the best of both worlds. It integrates the personal touch of on-campus sessions with the convenience of online learning, providing a flexible yet engaging educational experience.

3. Online Learning: Recognising the need for ultimate flexibility, we also offer a fully online study option. This is ideal for students who prefer or require the ability to learn from any location, whether due to geographical constraints or personal commitments. Our online platform ensures that quality education is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Each of these options is designed to support our students in achieving their academic goals in a way that suits their individual needs.

What our students say

"My experience at Regent College was great, in particular the continuous help and support of the Student Services team who always answered my enquiries. I want to thank them from my heart for making this journey easy and productive. It's been an incredible two years. Thank you all!"
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"I am so grateful for finding this College 🙏. All the staff are there to make sure you understand what they are asking and teaching. Regent College it's the only university in London that worked with me to find the right course for my background and aspirations."
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Current student