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Group Policy

Consolidated Student Appeals Procedure

Appeals Form A appeals against the outcome of a Disciplinary hearing, Fitness to Practise Panel or Fitness to Study Panel

Appeals Form B appeals against the outcome of an Academic Misconduct hearing

Appeals Form C academic appeals (against marks or grades)

Appeals Form D appeals against a refusal by the College to grant a suspension of studies

Appeals Form E appeals against a rejection of an application for Mitigating Circumstances

Appeals Form F appeals against suspension or withdrawal of a student domiciled or resident in the UK

Appeals Form G appeals against the outcome of an investigation of a student complaint

Appeals Form H  appeals against suspension or withdrawal of an international student

Stage Two Appeals

Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct form
Academic Misconduct Procedure
Assessment Regulations and Policies Academic Misconduct form for SMU students only
HN Assessment Regulations

HND Terms of Reference

For students on University of Bolton programmes please see the regulations for your programme:

Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes

Assessment Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Programmes

Assessment and Moderation Procedures  

For students on Buckinghamshire New University programmes please see the regulations for your programme:

Assessment Guide

Assessment and Feedback Policy

For students on St Mary’s University programmes please see the regulations for your programme:

Academic regulations for taught degrees 2023/24

Assessment Policy

Attendance and Engagement Requirements

UK Student Engagement and Attendance Policy

International Student Attendance and Engagement Policy

Complaints Student Complaints Procedure
Student Complaints Form
Data Protection and Privacy Data Protection Policy
Data Protection Privacy Notice
Mitigating Circumstances Mitigating Circumstances Application Form

Mitigating Circumstances Procedure

Extenuating Circumstance Form – For SMU Students ONLY

Prevent Duty External Speakers Policy
Prevent Policy
External Speaker Request Form
Work Placement and Fitness to Practice Fitness to Practise Procedure
Work Placement Policy and Procedures
Student Wellbeing Anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Fitness to Study Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Inclusion Policy and Procedure
Student Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy
IT policies IT, Internet and WiFi Policy
Social Media Policy
Recruitment, Admissions and Enrolment Cancellation of Place Form
Flow diagram of Admissions and Recruitment Process

Credibility Interview Policy

Recruitment, Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedure
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure
Student Transfer and Change of Status Policy
Return to Study Procedure 
Return to Study Application Form
Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy

International Student Fee and Refund Policy

International Student Policy
Fee Assessment Policy and Procedure
Student to Pay Policy and Procedure
Quality standards and monitoring Academic Staff Development Framework
Observation of Teaching Policy

Observation of Teaching Form

Online Learning Policy 

Programme Monitoring Policy and Procedure
Programme Development, Approval, Suspension, and Discontinuation Procedure
Learning resources and support Academic and Study Skills Support Policy
Careers and Employability Support Policy
Student rights and representation Student Charter
Student Representative Handbook
Student Services Charter
Student Disciplinary Student Disciplinary Procedure
Governance Code of practice on freedom of speech policy
Conflicts of interest policy
Recruitment and Appointment of External Advisers and Committee Members 
Academic Governance Structure
 Staff Recruitment Policy Recruitment Policy