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How to apply

We aim to make the application process as easy to navigate as possible. From initial contact to enrolment, our aim is to make each stage of the process clear and to provide you with all the help, support and advice needed to successfully enrol on our courses.

5 key steps when making your application

Please note: The whole application process can take up to eight weeks for approval.

Tips on student finance and bursaries

Hear from our Finance team in our short video covering everything that you need to know about the process of applying for student finance and bursaries.

Offer types

If you are successful in applying to the College, as part of the admissions process you may be made several different types of offer. For clarity, these offer types are explained below:

  • In Principle: You are eligible for the course but must complete the admission process
  • Conditional: You have been accepted on the course but must meet certain conditions
  • Unconditional: You have been accepted onto the course and have no conditions to meet


If you have any questions about the admissions process or need more information, email or call 020 3870 6666.