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Why it’s important to study healthcare

Over the last couple of years, the healthcare sector has become the helm of every country in the world. It’s a sector that has been very overwhelmed, challenged, and quite often, on the brink of crisis. Although challenging- taking up a career within healthcare has never been more important. There are many roles within the healthcare sector, such as healthcare managers, care-workers, and healthcare assistants. Every role within healthcare is vital to its patients and of course, our wider society. With this in mind, in today’s blog post, we are focussing on why it’s important to study one aspect of healthcare- allied health and how studying at Regent College London’s (RCL) Allied School of Health can truly benefit you with your future career.

What is allied health?

Before getting into why it’s important to study healthcare, let’s look at what the term allied health is and what it covers. Allied health is an umbrella term used to describe a group of healthcare professions that fall outside of the typical healthcare roles such as doctors nurses or dentists.

Allied health professions typically provide a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and support services in connection with healthcare. Job titles often associated with allied health professions include:

  • Occupational therapist
  • Social care worker
  • Care manager
  • Health and wellbeing assessor

What are the benefits of studying a healthcare course?

  1. Become a leader: Aspiring managers can move quickly within the ranks of health and social care
  2. Transferable skills: A degree in any health and social care related field will provide you with a wide range of transferable skills that are sought after in many industries.
  3. A guaranteed job: The sector offers long-term employment prospects, with over 25k job opportunities listed every month.

Find out more about the top reasons to study health and social care.

What are the benefits of working in the healthcare sector?

There are an unlimited number of reasons and benefits to work in healthcare. It has not only been listed as one of the most rewarding jobs but also one that adds smile to those who care for the vulnerable in our society:

  1. Career progression: Working in healthcare can offer you as an employee many opportunities to grow, develop and progress in your career. Doors are continually being opened at the healthcare sector evolves and makes discoveries. Within healthcare, there are variety of positions that you can thrive in, you don’t have to stick to one career path within the industry. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important and highly valued within the NHS, not only for career progression but to ensure staff are kept up to date with relevant skills and regulations to maintain patient safety.
  2. Having an impact: By choosing to work in the healthcare sector, you are allowing yourself to make a significant impact on many lives. You will continue to assist those most in need and aid some of the most vulnerable people in society. Caring for others and seeing your patients go from strength to strength because of the work and commitment you give, is often a very rewarding and fulfilling job.
  3. New challenges: Whilst working within the health sector, no two days are the same, every day you will find different challenges that will help you grow and develop.
  4. Job security: Did you know that 22 million people work in the UK healthcare industry alone, and according to a WHO report, the healthcare industry is to be short of 12.9 million healthcare workers by 2035?

Now that you’ve read all about the healthcare sector, the many roles that fall under it, and the top reasons to pursue a career in the field, you’re probably wondering which courses and educational pathways you can choose? There are a wide range of courses and levels within allied health:

HND (Level 5):

Foundation Year Routes:

Bachelor’s Degrees:

What about the course fees?

The fees for each of the courses differ, they can be found here.

Am I eligible for student finance?

Yes, you are able to apply for student finance. We have a specialist Student Finance team, who are highly qualified in helping you through the Student Finance process.

4 reasons to study Allied Health at RCL:

  1. Flexible timetables: We offer a flexible timetable across all courses, giving you the flexibility to plan your life commitments around your studies.
  2. Easy travel: You can find our campus in central London, near Regent’s Park, with multiple other study locations across greater London. All locations are easily accessible via public transport links.
  3. Small class sizes: We provide small class sizes to ensure you receive the best 1-2-1 support from your tutor.
  4. Highly experienced tutors: Our tutors are highly experienced and come with a wealth of knowledge- often having experience directly from industry. This ensures that you are taught relevant content applicable to your future career.

Find out more about our allied health courses and how to apply by filling out a contact form.

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