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Regent College London graduate and her supervisor co-author a paper on the Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy

Neli Ivanova, a recent graduate of Regent College at BUCKS University, has impressively co-authored a paper with her supervisor, Dr. Palto Datta, titled “The environmental impact of renewable energy”.

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The Study

Their paper is published in the International Journal of Business and Economic Development-A Indexed Journal, Volume 11 Issue 1 May 2023. The purpose of the study was to investigate the environmental impact of renewable energy sources. Using the United Kingdom as a case study, the pair collected primary data on both participants’ perspectives, perceptions, and attitudes regarding the relationship between renewable energy sources and the environment via a self-administered survey with 400 participants, and also through conducting in-depth interviews.


The results indicated that the participants were concerned about climate change and had a strong grasp of the positive effects of renewable energy sources on the environment, particularly in terms of pollution reduction, global warming reduction, and climate change mitigation.


Increased calls for the transition away from non-renewable energy sources are motivated primarily by the desire to reduce their negative environmental impacts. Neli and Dr. Palto Datta both concluded that expanding renewable energy sources is necessary to meet this objective, but additional research is required to identify pathways for accelerating the transition to renewable energy.



A massive congratulations to both Neli Ivanova and Dr. Palto Datta for working together on such an insightful and important study, and getting the paper published.


To read the whole article, simply follow the link below.