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Foundation Year Routes

A Foundation Year is an academic qualification that integrates relevant work-based qualifications connected to a particular job or career sector. Foundation year with degree courses are normally offered to students who don’t have the formal qualifications to go directly onto a Bachelor’s degree course. In reality, it’s not true that foundation year courses are for students with lower grades, as there are significant amount of students always looking at enrolling for foundation year programmes, before proceeding to complete their full Bachelor’s degree.

What is a Foundation Year with degree equivalent to?

A foundation year study is equivalent to the first and second year of an honours degree. Since it is a Level 3 – 6 vocational qualification, it allows students to gain knowledge in a subject to enable them to go on to employment or further study.

Who is a Foundation Year with degree for?

A foundation year with degree is for you if:

  • You do not have the right qualifications for a full degree course
  • You feel you are not yet ready for degree-level study
  • You are returning to study and feel you need some help to get up to speed with the demands of learning before embarking on a degree course.

Why study a Foundation Year with degree?

A foundation year study is a great way to build your skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare you for a degree course. Students get the chance to experience university-style teaching, get a feel of the campus, city and subjects they are interested in. Doing a foundation year, gives you a firm understanding on your subject areas as well as practical experience that will make it easier to progress to undergraduate degree courses.

How are student assessed on a Foundation Year with degree?

Students will be assessed through a range of channels, either written work, exams, projects, assignments, group work, presentations and practical elements depending on the subject itself.

When and how can I apply for a Foundation Year with degree in London?

Our enrolment process is easy and hassle free! Apply today to join the Regent College London campus with locations in Central London, Harrow, Kingsbury and Wembley. Simply enquire about a course and a member of the team will be in touch soon. Don’t wait any further, take the next step in your career today!

Regent College London aims to provide current information for our prospectus and website at all times however, it may occasionally be unable to run an advertised course for reasons of operational viability and student experience. In the event that a course is unable to run, or is only available at a different location, we will advise applicants and enrolled students at the earliest possible opportunity in writing. Applicants and students will, wherever feasible, be offered an alternative course or location of study.