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Thinking Into Character

As part of our focus on the personal development of our students, we have developed Thinking into Character (TiC) – a suite of transformational programmes. They are designed to aid your personal growth and accelerate your professional success. Whether you know it yet, you have the potential to improve your results exponentially, whether that is by completing a degree, getting a promotion, starting a business or enjoying more fulfilling personal relationships. These programmes will show you how these leaps in success are possible. Are you ready to make the leap?

Led by Dr Selva Pankaj, Principal, Regent College London and trained facilitators, the programmes are unique to Regent College London and are delivered digitally. They are based on indepth, pioneering research into the science and methodology of personal achievement, and includes insights from many inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders from across the globe.

Benefits of this programme include:
  • Learn how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals
  • Improve your self-image and re-write your life script
  • Close the gap between your intentions and your actions
  • Understand how to turn non-productive habits into productive habits
  • Overcome challenges and barriers to success
  • Develop your leadership qualities

Thinking into Character (TiC) Digital Platform

Through a series of videos, Dr Selva Pankaj, will take you through 12 digital lessons. These lessons will transform the way you think, and help you to achieve personal and professional success. Topics of lessons include: how to think big and setting worthy goals, how to attain a growth mind-set and how to develop more positive work habits.

The Thinking into Character digital platform is free for all students at Regent College London.

Programme features:

– 12 digital lessons, plus an additional 10 bonus lessons

– Video-based lessons accessible online 24/7, enabling you to work through course content at your own pace

– Student handbook, including an overview and highlights of each lesson, plus worksheets, reading material and further assignments

– A copy of the Thinking into Character e-book, which will give you greater insight into programme content

The Power of Learning from DAD Digital Platform

The Power of Learning from DAD programme will teach you how, using the resources you currently have, you can create the habits and mind-set required for lasting success, happiness and self-fulfilment.

It builds on the lessons from Thinking into Character, taking you more deeply into questions of mindset, and covering new topics such as influence, imagination and planning. This is the first personal and professional development programme to combine the writing and insights from the world’s greatest thinkers in this field: Earl Nightingale, James Allen and Napoleon Hill.

The Power of Learning from DAD programme will present to you a route to success creation. Dr Selva Pankaj will take you through a journey, drawing on his own experience, as the proprietor of a multimillion-pound business, as well as leading research from giants in the world of personal development, leadership and transformational change.

Think and Grow Rich Digital Platform

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the greatest personal development books of all time. It is based on a systemic study of the lives of several exceptionally successful individuals. In this book Hill explores how successful people think, how they make decisions and what drives them.

In the Think and Grow Rich Digital Platform Dr Selva Pankaj presents to you a concentrated version of Napoleon Hill’s insights. He summarises each of Hill’s 13 principles for success creation, from having a burning desire and preparing an organised plan, to cultivating your sixth sense.

This exciting programme helps you understand the psychology of success and to adopt a new way of thinking that will lead to the successful outcomes you desire.