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Regent College London excels in latest NSS results

Regent College London excels in latest NSS results

Regent College London (RCL) is delighted to announce its outstanding performance in the latest National Student Survey (NSS) results, published on Wednesday 10th July 2024.  

The survey reveals significant achievements across various categories, reflecting the college’s commitment to providing high-quality education and support. These results demonstrate RCL’s ongoing dedication to maintaining excellent standards, with similarly high scores as in previous years.  

Excellent student satisfaction rates across key areas  

The National Student Survey results highlight Regent College London’s excellence in:   

Teaching quality: 93% of students expressed satisfaction with the quality of teaching.  

Learning opportunities: Students reported a 92% satisfaction rate with the learning opportunities provided by the college.  

Assessment and feedback: 92% of students are satisfied with the assessment and feedback they receive.

Academic support: 92% of students are satisfied in the academic support they receive.  

Organisation and management: 90% of students are satisfied with the organisation and management of their courses.    

Learning resources: 93% of students are satisfied with the learning resources available to them.   

Student voice: 90% of students are satisfied that they are heard and valued.  

Positive student feedback

RCL scored higher than the national average in five areas:  

Teaching quality: 90% (RCL) vs. 85% (England)  

Learning opportunities: 90% (RCL) vs. 82% (England)  

Assessment and feedback: 89% (RCL) vs. 79% (England)  

Organisation and management: 85% (RCL) vs. 75% (England) 

Mental wellbeing support services: 92% (RCL) vs. 79% (England)  

Commitment to excellence

David Donnarumma, Provost of RCL, stated: 

“We are incredibly proud of our NSS results. These satisfaction rates are a testament to our dedicated staff and the hard work they put into ensuring our students receive the best education and support. We will continue to strive for excellence and provide an enriching learning environment for all our students.”  

The data represented in this release is based on information from our registered students.