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Step into the Future with Regent Digital Services

Due to uncertain times and the progressive nature of Regent College London, we have created Regent Digital. An education ecosystem enabling transformative and adaptive learning for all students online and on-campus, providing the highest of standards for all students. Regent Digital Services makes the most of the latest advancements in technology and gives you, the students all the perks of attending your dream course!

Our flexible study timetables are created to suit almost every lifestyle, and you will have access to a high level quality of education whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have access to the internet; all at the tip of your fingers!

Embark on social distancing on a productive note. Regent Digital Services can be a useful learning method for sharpening your skills in a difficult subject, or learning a new skill in an increasingly digital world. In addition, you will have access to a diverse range of materials such as videos, photos, and eBooks online as well. Our highly experienced academics can also integrate other formats like forums or discussions to enhance your engagement in their lessons. Discover how it works and why it could be the perfect option for you!

How will Regent Digital Services work?

It’s pretty simple and easy to use! We have already made the transition to using 100% online resources, and now students can expect to study using a combination of cutting-edge technological resources with no need to travel to attend lectures, exams or in-person discussion sessions! They are accessible on Regent Digital Services via the internet on your mobile, PC, tablet or laptop.

The academic team will determine the format for each individual course and will select delivery methods that are best suited to your course or program.

What courses are offered on Regent Digital Services?

Great news! We are offering all of the Regent College London Courses through Digital Learning. Follow the links to the right to see the brilliant course types and their subjects that we offer.



Help, I’m not great with Technology?

With regards to support there is no need to worry about the lack of face-to-face help; by using technology like video calling and the more traditional methods of phone and email, we are bridging the gap between digital and on-campus student support.

What about my friends?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to socialise with classmates, as you will all be watching lectures and participating in subject-specific discussions. Think of it as virtual socialising!

How can I get in touch with my Lecturer?

Academic support plays a vital role in creating a supportive learning environment. Our highly qualified teaching team will always be on hand and will be able to give academic guidance and feedback at any point in the course. The best part? Your module/unit leader is available for individual video sessions or calls, and you can contact them directly.

What about the course timetable and flexible learning?

From Monday 23rd March, 2020 for current students, and for at least the first term for Spring starters, classes will take place as timetabled live lectures and discussions, but will be delivered through Regent Digital Services through a mix of lectures, individual and group activities, and independent learning.

Although you will have a number of interactive sessions scheduled, you can choose to access your course information and complete your assignments at any time. This allows you to fit study time in around your work, family and other commitments!

What features do Regent Digital Services offer?

When taking a degree digitally, at Regent College London, you might encounter resources like:

  1. EBooks
  2. Journals
  3. Videos
  4. Recorded lectures
  5. Quizzes
  6. Discussion forums
  7. Live Q&A sessions
  8. Interviews
What about my attendance? Will it be monitored, and how?

We understand how crucial it is to attend class, and it carries the same level of importance when engaging in digital learning. Regent College London will monitor attendance and engagement as normal and the regulations covering this remain in place. It will be taken during online lessons and enhanced by data around your engagement with the software components.

I’m looking to enrol, will I be taught through Regent Digital Services throughout the duration of my course?

Our enrolment and application processes will be taking place online and over the phone and you will be required to select a Course as normal. With regards to the teaching methods, we aim to utilise Regent Digital Services for the foreseeable future. However, please note, there will be a transition to campus based learning when it is safe to do so.

How will I be assessed?

You will still be assessed at regular intervals throughout your study period to assess your understanding of the course materials. Our experienced professional academics will ensure that your assessments are fair, comfortable, and designed to help you make the most of your learning experience.

These assessment methods could include individual written assessments, discussion forums, and learning portfolios and yes we can still deliver exams and timed assessments digitally!

What about student support?

Our phenomenal and dedicated Student Services team forms the core of the student support function providing pastoral care. The Student Services Team will remain available via Microsoft Teams, telephone and email. They will be more than happy to assist with any questions you might have, this can range from minor technology troubleshooting to major life events like an unfortunate bereavement. Also your fellow students are also a great source of help and advice creating a community that supports each classmate as they overcome obstacles together as a group.

Our Student Services email remains

I’m still a little confused

At Regent College London we will take great care to ensure that you receive the same levels of support that you would receive on a campus. We understand that Digital Learning may be a completely new experience for you. If you’re coming from a more traditional learning background, feel free to make an appointment to speak with one of our recruitment and admissions team and discover how to make the most of the resources you may encounter in your new learning journey!

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