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School of Engineering and Computing

The School of Engineering and Computing brings together the latest insights from engineering, computing, and digital technologies, such as software development, artificial intelligence, future applications, and creative sciences.

As one of the newest schools, formed by merging two former subject areas to offer a wealth of academic and practical knowledge with enhanced resources, the school provides an excellent all-around learning environment for its students. We are committed to developing the next generation of high-achieving, ambitious, confident professionals who will shape business and society.

Studying our programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to extend your development capabilities and give you real experience in real-life scenarios. It is an excellent way for prospective employers to assess your skills for your first job or career development.

Join the next generation of solutionaries

As the world drives towards creating the green technologies it needs for the future, engineering and computing will play a vital role in turning ambitious targets into reality. Engineering and computing professionals are currently tackling some of the world’s most exciting developments, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, the fight against cybercrime, clean energy, Electric Vehicles, sustainable ways to grow food, Smart Factories, and automation. 

The innovative worlds of engineering and creative sciences are exciting, dynamic environments that present new and diverse career opportunities. During your studies with us, our course leaders will ensure you stay informed on the latest developments across the various fields of study in these fast-changing sectors.  

We aim to make your learning experience as stimulating and challenging as possible. You’ll learn in a small and supportive class environment and benefit from tuition and guidance from dedicated academics who are passionate about their subjects and experts in their field. 

 Throughout your journey with us, you will gain the skills and experience needed to start a career in any engineering and computing discipline, such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, cybersecurity, or software engineering. 

University Partnerships

Regent College London are extremely proud to partner with University of Bolton and Pearson to provide the courses related to the School of Engineering and Computing.

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