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School of Computing and AI

The Regent College London School of Computing & AI (Artificial Intelligence) located in London encapsulates modern and cutting-edge technology to teach students the dynamics of the Technology industry.

The School of Computing & AI (Artificial Intelligence) explores the many different aspects of technology, computing and software engineering. The world of technology and computing is continually developing and evolving to suit the current climate, Regent College London aim to incorporate the latest changes into its teaching methods, to help students stay on-top of the latest trends. Through the use of Regent Digital Services, we are able to offer lectures from the comfort of your own home and right at the top of your fingertips, as classes can be accessed via your laptop or desktop with a good internet connection! We have already started offering all of the Regent College London courses through our Digital Learning Platform, Regent Digital Services!

University Partnerships

Regent College London are extremely proud to partner with the established University of Bolton to provide the courses related to the School of Computing & AI.

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