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Why Study at Regent?

We may be a little biased here, but Regent College London is the place to study. From thorough student loan guidance to flexible classes, we’ve created a little list of reasons to study with us:

Flexible Study Classes

Morning, Evening and Weekend Classes help you fit your studies around busy life commitments.

High Experienced Tutors

We have some of the best tutors within the Education Sector whom deliver engaging lessons to our students. In addition, small class sizes ensure 1-2-1 advice and help when needed.

Campus Locations with Strong Transport Links

Regent College London have campuses based in Central London, Harrow, Kingsbury, Southall and Wembley; all with a tube station or bus stop located 5 Minutes or less from them. We have modern campuses with excellent facilities and resources for our students. Our campuses are based in vibrant communities with great culture and exciting lunch spots!

Student Support

We have phenomenal student support teams across all campuses to help with any queries from student loans, UCAS Applications, Careers Advice and general questions.

What our students say

, Why Study at Regent?

Victoria Dairo

BSc (Hons) Business Management Top Up

I would recommend the college as an educational institute because it’s a good college, teaching is excellent and the environment is clean which makes it a better place to study. The staff are polite and very helpful.

, Why Study at Regent?

Patience Prosper

BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (UOB)

I thoroughly enjoy being a student at Regent College. As a mature student, I know that this is the right place for me because I have received immense and timely support from the day I made contact with the college and this has continued throughout. The college does not only focus on the student’s academic success but also provides services to ensure your mental well-being is not compromised. The lectures are interactive and you’re encouraged to take leadership for your own learning. Since joining Regent I can see a huge difference in my approach to learning and that’s given me confidence. There has been huge support since we moved to virtual lectures. The lecturers are constantly reminding students that they can be contacted by email or on MS Teams if we need any support with any aspect of our degree.

, Why Study at Regent?

Gianina-Madlena Patrascanu

BA (Hons) Marketing with Foundation Year

Regent College London has this amazing partnership with the Bucks New University, providing you opportunities for your future. It is a very nice environment with lovely students and lovely staff, always happy and ready to help you improve your academic journey. They will give you support and assistance whenever you are in need. I would definitely recommend this institute, if someone is looking for a bachelor degree education. You will feel accepted and supported in this college.

, Why Study at Regent?

Robert Masasa

BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care with Foundation Year (UOB)

Regent College London is the best college in London because since I started studying there I can see they have the best teachers. The teaching is good and helpful and they are also really organised. If you have any problem in the college, the Student Services team is always is there to help you. For me, I think Regent College London is the best College in London.

, Why Study at Regent?

Radostina Todorova Dimitrova

BA (Hons) Business Management

My overall experience has been fantastic! I’ve made a great group of friends. My class size is small and we have a laugh with the tutors. The lessons are completely related to the job you want to do, and the course has made me rethink on what career I want because it leads you to many high paying jobs! I’ve learnt laws, legislation and skills that will benefit me in my career and its only my first year here! During the coronavirus, teaching has continued and tutors have been in regular contact to make sure I’m OK and to check if I need help. They’ve even worked out of hours to provide one to one support to get me through assignments! They’ve really gone above and beyond!

, Why Study at Regent?

Ioana Pitea

BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up)

From the initial interview I was impressed by the welcoming atmosphere as well as by the professionalism with which each situation was handled, including the admission interview. During the courses I was guided by talented and devoted lectures who inspire and support me. I would recommend Regent College to anyone who wants to receive quality knowledge, teaching and support.

, Why Study at Regent?

Prakash Mandalia

BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up)

A very friendly and helpful college. Been an extremely pleasureful experience with welcoming and friendly staff and qualified patient and very supportive tutors. Infact the whole experience is being one of feeling of belonging to a family. Being an old person with disability, the encouragement and support I received leaves me overwhelmed with gratitude. I have no qualms to sincerely recommend students to choose Regents College as their first choice of their educational endeavours.

, Why Study at Regent?

Rashed Haider

BEng (Hons) Software Engineering with Foundation Year

The great thing about Regent College London is its campus location in central London. The newly refurbished campus is well equipped with state of the art technology. Our teachers did an awesome job during the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the class running flawlessly through digital lessons.

, Why Study at Regent?

Hang Boi Quek

BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-up)

The lecturers are very professional in carrying out their duties and they are very helpful and patient with the students regardless of their bad behaviour. I strongly recommend Regent College London as college to pursue higher education. The knowledge that I gained from learning at Regent College after attending classes for just two months is more than what I learned at another college where I was for two years.

, Why Study at Regent?

Winsome Reid


I think the course so far has exceeded my expectations, the teachers really do explain things well. If I don’t understand something, I know that I can go to any of my teachers and they will be able to break it down to me and offer me the additional support that I need. The best part of the course so far has been meeting like minded people, the teaching and, of course, the content of the course. I really enjoy learning about the different components of business and how businesses function optimally to generate revenue. I would definitely recommend the course and encourage anyone interested in business to go forward and study a HND with Regent College London.


, Why Study at Regent?

Lily Ndosimao

BSc Health and Social Care (UOB)

It is my first year at Regent college studying a degree in Health and Social Care. The teaching is excellent and the environment is so clean which makes it a better place to study. I honestly like the staff because they are so polite. I am so lucky to studying here honestly.


, Why Study at Regent?

Csilla Raduly


I choose Regent College to study because it was recommended to me by a friend, who attends here. Enrolling and starting studying went very smoothly. I am very happy I got the chance to take the HND Business class, as my plan for the future is to run my own business. I am looking forward to making the best of this class and continue my studies to get my Bachelors Degree. Regent College offers great teachers, kind and polite. It also brought new friends, which I am grateful for.


Thinking into Character (TiC)

A Personal and Professional Development programme developed by Regent College London Principal Dr Selva Pankaj. A free and accessible programme to all students designed to help you think bigger, aim higher and achieve your dreams.

20 Years of Education Success with Strong Links to Employers

Regent Group has enjoyed an incredible 20 years of success within the education sector and 10 phenomenal years of Regent College London. We continue to thrive and provide for our students to the highest of standards.


We have a range of courses that are designed to help develop career progression and create future opportunities for students.

External Validation

Regent College London delivers high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for students. We consistently exceed rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education. We are monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and are also inspected by Pearson twice per year, once via an Academic Management Review (AMR), and once via a Standards Verification process. We have had good outcomes on both in the last visits.

Strong University Partnerships

Regent College London has secured strong University Partnerships with four highly regarded universities; Buckinghamshire New University, University of Northampton, University of Bolton and Bishop Grosseteste University.