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8 Reasons to Choose Regent College London

Choosing to study into Higher Education can be a big step for many students. However, once that tough choice has been made, there is an even tougher call to make; where do I study?

With more than a hundred institutions offering different study options, experiences, and opportunities to choose from in the UK, deciding what works best for you can be a little bit challenging. With whatever option you may choose, it’s important to make sure it offers a good start—the chance to tailor your knowledge to your aspirations and career goals.

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Do you have a particular study area that you’re interested in? Are you fond of starting a life at an exciting and modern campus that offers high-quality education? Regent College London offers that and much more! We have built a world-class education system with access to an affordable, high-quality learning experience in an efficient study environment.
With a history that spans up to two decades, today Regent Group along with Regent College London has evolved into one of the leading institutions in the region. With this year’s horde of school-leavers pondering about university options, we have found some great reasons for students to choose Regent College London.

  1. Range of career-focused courses

Whether you’re a school leaver or a settled resident, Regent College London opens up a mass of new opportunities and lets you take control of your future. Regent College London is devoted to achieving excellence mainly in the following fields:

  • Business Management
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Social Care / Social Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Computing
  • Accountancy
  • Software Engineering

Our nationally recognised undergraduate courses including HNDs, Foundation Year degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and Top-up degrees, prepares students for the challenges of the global and ever-changing marketplace.

With a curriculum that is career-focused and industry-informed, the courses at Regent College London prepares students for a range of careers from entry-level to managerial positions and beyond. All of these programs offered are developed in close involvement with industry experts ensuring that you develop the knowledge and skills employers are looking for.

Each of the Foundation Year Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and Top-Up Degrees offered at Regent College London is validated and awarded by one of our world-renowned partner institutions – Pearson, Buckinghamshire New University, University of Bolton and the University of Northampton.

  1. Four Campus locations across London

Location plays a big part in your college experience. The state, the size of the city, and the local community, all impact your years in Higher Education.

Though your college experience will be academic to the most part, you will also spend time with other activities on campus, and others may be engaged in the surrounding community.

Location can be a crucial part of your college experience, as it determines not only the length of your travel to and from campus, but also the ease of your journey. Travelling to a perfectly situated campus can ease commitments outside of your study. For instance, you might need to run to the store, make a quick trip to the doctor or even go to the gym to start your day fresh.

Regent College London has 4 highly accessible Campuses in and around the City of London: Wembley, Kingsbury, Harrow and Central London. All of our Campuses are based 5-7 minutes from a Tube, Bus or Train Station, making your journey even quicker!

London today is one of the most progressive, modern and culturally diverse cities in the world! The city’s extensive and developed transport makes it easier for students to travel to any desired destination.

Each campus of Regent College London has its own academic community, dedicated to advancing knowledge in particular subject areas. All campuses often work together on teaching joint courses and interdisciplinary projects.

Here is a brief on each Regent College London campus.

The Wembley campus is located within a very sociable and diverse community and has in its proximity: Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena and the London Designer Outlet. The college maintains good connections with local businesses and organisations. You will have access to the civic centre, library, the gym, and many other facilities to expand your social and academic connections.

Surrounded by an incredibly lively student-centred area, the Kingsbury Campus has a favourable learning environment that is both socially and academically engaging. Regent College London’s validation partner, Buckinghamshire New University, offers various Business Management and Marketing degrees at the campus.

Equipped with modern classrooms, IT laboratories, and many high-tech facilities, the Harrow campus aims at strong educational progression. The campus is a few minutes walking distance from Rayners Lane tube station, making it an ideal location for students who enjoy having everything close at hand.

The Central London Campus is located at the centre of the City of London, a student-centred vibrant area. The Campus is surrounded by beautiful architecture, high-profile businesses and of course, a short walk from the most famous streets in the world; Oxford and Regent Streets.

London is home to many universities, hospitals, companies of diverse industries, shopping centres and a variety of restaurants to try-out, which makes it one of the most convenient cities especially for college students.

In fact, you might love London so much you’ll want to stay and work there once you graduate.

Regent College London ensures that careful attention is given to all students under their shadow and to make sure that they constantly get quality education and support.

  1. Personal, friendly, and creative environment

The learning environment can be a determining factor of student success. Most educators believe colleges can potentially lift student achievement by improving their learning environment.

Regent College London provides a wonderful student experience in a welcoming and supportive learning environment with various opportunities that helps the personal and professional life of a student. Our student support team make sure that students are provided with an interactive, creative environment to study in. We constantly support the development of your academic studies to allow creativity within our curriculum.

Regent College London students all have access to libraries with printed books, journals, plus e-resources that can be used remotely. So instead of having to buy your study materials, you can use these resources for free.

As part of Regent College London’s focus on the personal development of a student, ‘Thinking into Character’ (TiC) was developed. This transformational programme helps you improve your thinking, set and achieve meaningful goals, and take actions that will lead to a productive and happy future. Benefits of this programme include:

  • Learn how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals
  • Improve your self-image and re-write your life script
  • Close the gap between your intentions and your actions
  • Understand how to turn non-productive habits into productive habits
  • Overcome challenges and barriers to success
  • Develop your leadership qualities

All of Regent College London’s courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who have extensive teaching experience. They provide a friendly and helpful learning environment that makes studying an enjoyable and inspiring educational experience.

  1. External validation from the Quality Assurance Agency

Regent College London goes through an evaluation process by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), to ensure the quality and standards in UK universities and colleges are maintained in a way that students gain the best possible learning experience.

The college is examined by Pearson, twice a year, once through Academic Management Review (AMR), and once through the Standards Verification (SV) method. The AMR is centre based and concentrates on the right criteria relating to how the college manages its courses.

Regent College London delivers high-quality teaching and learning outcomes for its students. It exceeds rigorous national quality requirements of UK higher education.

  1. Career-focused courses with excellent student support and mentoring

Integrating career-focused syllabi into all courses by simply involving career-themed content into the discussions can help students make a connection between the lessons and practical application.

Regent College London’s incredible Student Services team prioritise student support and continuously integrate career-related content into discussions, providing an opportunity for students to have the chance to explore, connect, and enrol for career-focused subjects.

As a facilitator of personal and professional growth, the college mentors will support you at all times and help you succeed by enhancing your employability. This is done through confidence building and career interactions with seasoned industry professionals to improve student employability skills.

Given this impressive background of Regent College London, it’s not surprising there are now many former students who have gone on to make a difference after studying at the college.

  1. Flexible study options – (daytime, evening and weekend timetables)

Flexible study options let you choose how, when and where you learn. We offer classes during the day, evening or on the weekend. You will be given the fullest support to create a class schedule that fits your life. Talk to one of our team members about how you can create the best course schedule to meet your degree needs and your life needs.
Our flexible range of courses allows you to choose from our range of Business, Health & Social Care and Computing courses.

  1. Student finance available with dedicated application support

The cost can be a huge factor to consider when choosing the right college. Regent College London facilitates student finance support available to you for the duration of the course right for you. We have student finance specialists who provide support during your application process – thereby giving you all the assistance you may require.

All our courses are funded by the Student Loans Company. All UK, EU and permanent residents may be eligible. You may be entitled to a tuition fee and maintenance loan for the entire duration of your studies. For more details on funding your course, please click here.

  1. Regent Digital Services

Regent Digital Services is an excellent digital learning tool, established and developed by Regent College London. It allows students to study remotely, from the comfort of their own home. All resources and materials are accessible from the tips of your fingers, with internet access, Regent Digital Services is a very useful and easy way to enhance your career through Higher Education. We have left a few great features of Regent Digital Services below:

  1. All of our Courses are available digitally, with 100% online resources
  2. Your tutor is available for 1-2-1 support if needed through video sessions/calls
  3. You can still socialise with classmates through virtual lectures
  4. Student Support Services are always on hand to help with any query you may have
  5. Assessments can be delivered digitally
  6. The best part? Ease of access, making use of Regent Digital Services could not be simpler!

Find out more here.

Explore our range of courses and start your application process now!