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Regent College London Events in March 2022

The co-curricular team (SCOPE) hosted 48 SCOPE activities in March 2022 with over 1008 attendees in total. The team host a range of virtual events which range from guest speaker talks to fitness and wellbeing workshops.

For Personal and Professional Development, we held two Masterclasses; a one-hour session on increasing your visibility online and off and a three-hour Saturday workshop on Creative Problem Solving for Entrepreneurship.

In addition to personal and professional development, we also ran a Masterclass on Becoming an Entrepreneur on two consecutive Saturdays. This in-depth workshop allowed our students to learn the key aspects of setting up their own business and they received invaluable experience writing and presenting their business plans. We had great feedback from our students, who stated that  “the whole process was marvellous and flawlessly delivered” and that the sessions were “very motivational, informative and helpful”.

As with every month, the academic team ran the Essential Maths for Academic Purposes sessions. Student feedback again, was very positive “the method of teaching, patience of the tutor, examples and his tone of voice is relaxing and one is encouraged to listen and learn”

We also had four Careers and Employability webinars focusing on creating effective CVs and cover letters, using successful job searching techniques, and preparing for job interviews. One student commented – “the session has really enriched my understanding regarding preparing for interviews”.

We also launched a new workshop series called Creativity for Mindfulness started in March. The four weekly sessions in this series focused on practical exercises based on creative writing, mindfulness, fine art, and meditation. We have had fun making up stories and observing our environment and our creative minds. One student commented, “mindfulness can be fun too!”.

Our regular SCOPE Guest Speaker Series featured Laura Rose who is the Head of Philanthropy at The Prince’s Trust. Laura talked about her career in fundraising, working in the charity sector, and how the charity supports a wide range of communities and individuals in the UK.

We had five Wellbeing workshops in March helping our students to maintain good mental health at a tumultuous time. Topics included how to cope with Anxiety, Difficult emotions, Panic attacks, Harassment, and Conflict. Our wellbeing workshops offer practical help with dealing with many difficult issues and the student feedback reflects this: “always good coping techniques. The day after this workshop is so much better!”

For Academic Skills, we ran three webinars with topics on Quoting and Paraphrasing, Academic Writing Style, and Giving Academic Presentations. These webinars are very popular and help students learn new study skills in a fun environment: ‘I am delighted, I’m learning a lot of new things, and never feel an hour go by.”

Careers Week on 7-11 March:

To mark National Careers Week, we hosted daily talks with employers and industry experts. We also organized an employer awareness day on Thursday 10 March where different companies discussed the varying career opportunities they offer. Student attendance was very good with total attendance at 286 for the week. One student commented: “Very brilliant presentation. A lot of information about this company and the opportunities they provide graduates. I really enjoyed the session”.