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Regent College London Events in June 2022

Regent College London ran 39 SCOPE sessions in June, with a total of 889 attendees. We have three new additions to the programme, two providing support with the English language and hosted by ASK@Regent, our Academic Skills Team.

English for Academic Purposes is a workshop series aimed at students who wish to gain confidence in writing their assignments in English. Running twice a week, these practical sessions were extremely popular with students looking to develop their grammar and vocabulary.

English Speaking Club is another one of our new courses, is a series of conversation sessions for students who speak English as a second language. During these interactive sessions, students discuss topical issues from Culture and Lifestyle to Science and Technology and receive helpful feedback on their pronunciation and grammar.

Our third addition in June was a course on social media Skills. This is a 6-week course run by external trainers Enrichment Partnership and focuses on social media and Business. In June, topics included The Importance of social media to Businesses, and the Social Consumer. Students have found these interactive workshops helpful, giving them the opportunity to test their own ideas.

For the SCOPE Guest Speaker Series, we had three speakers in June. Rahana Diamond Davis from Mighty Men Mentoring spoke about male mental health and wellbeing and the issues surrounding men in education regardless of their backgrounds. Keith Wishart gave an inspiring talk about his life and career working in leadership. He discussed his approach to mentoring and business and shared his ideas on what makes a fulfilling career and a good leader. Finally, Meg Ellis talked about her career in creative and commercial leadership and what she has learned about marketing and brands. Her talk was packed with useful nuggets of advice on how to use marketing effectively.

The Academic Study Skills webinars concluded in June with three sessions, focusing on quoting and paraphrasing, academic writing style, and giving academic presentations. One student commented: “The explanations were professional; questions were asked to make sure that everyone understands and we were engaged on the lessons.”

In Essential Math’s for Academic Purposes, we had three more sessions in June. These practical and interactive sessions looked at Quadratic Equations, Simultaneous Equations, and Geometry. Student feedback for this series has been incredibly positive, with comments such as: “I thoroughly enjoy the entire session and the way the tutor teaches.”

In our Personal and Professional Development Masterclasses, we learned about Public Speaking, Building Confidence, and the Power of Influence and Impact. These workshops are “Funny AND useful,” says one of our students.

In our Thinking into Character Study Circle, we have been thinking about Friendship, Neuroplasticity, and Planning, amongst other things, and sharing our experiences of positive thinking and how we find our focus.

Our Academic Skills Tutor Hiba Eltilib also ran a webinar on Open Access E-resources showing students where and how to find the most reliable information when researching for their academic work.