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RCL’s Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme Earns Coveted IET Accreditation

Regent College London (RCL) proudly announces the accreditation of its Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) programme in collaboration with the University of Bolton. This milestone follows a comprehensive review process, showcasing RCL’s dedication to delivering top-tier engineering education.

Regent College London (RCL), in a strategic collaboration with the University of Bolton, where nearly 75% of our students are registered, has proactively worked to elevate the standard of its London-based courses. This effort follows on the heels of the University of Bolton’s achievement of accreditation by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in June 2022. RCL’s initiative to undergo a commonality review was a deliberate move to not only align with but also showcase the exceptional quality and strength inherent in our academic programmes.

This step was integral to our long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with the University of Bolton, aimed at constantly improving the academic experience for our students. The accreditation panel’s visit provided a comprehensive insight into RCL’s facilities and approach, particularly noting the effectiveness of our blended learning model, diverse student satisfaction, and the supportive learning environment. The panel commended our modern facilities, including advanced computing suites, a manufacturing workshop, cutting-edge laboratories, and a VR room, all essential to our practical and immersive engineering curriculum.

The dialogue with RCL staff delved into programme specifics, such as Year 3 sustainability, professional registrations, and quality assurance. The collaboration also enriches staff development, offering PhD and AdvanceHE Fellowship opportunities.

Professor Ilias Oraifige, Head of School of Engineering and Computing (SoEC) at RCL, commented, “Achieving IET accreditation is a pivotal moment for us. It validates the exceptional standard of education we offer, in line with the best in the industry. This cements our commitment to nurturing globally competitive engineering graduates, equipped with the necessary skills and innovation to excel.”

Our programmes mirror the University of Bolton’s academic rigour yet stand out through more frequent intakes and a unique London-based delivery model, enhancing accessibility for our varied student cohort. Adhering to the Programme Learning Outcomes and incorporating the University of Bolton’s IET action plan, our courses meet all AHEP-4 requirements.

David Donnarumma, Provost of RCL, added, “This IET accreditation endorses the strength and quality of our EEE programme. It aligns with our vision of offering cutting-edge, relevant education. This opens unparalleled opportunities for our students in terms of professional recognition and career progression. As we mark this milestone, we renew our pledge to excel in engineering education.”

This accreditation underscores RCL’s role as a frontrunner in engineering education, committed to maintaining the highest academic standards.


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