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Class of 2022

Congratulations to all our summer 2022 graduates!

On these pages you will find this year’s graduate yearbook, a mixture of greetings in written and video format. Throughout the week you can expect to find highlights from both of the online and in-person events.

We would love to know how you’re celebrating- tag us in your photos and videos using #RCLGrads and we’ll share as many as possible on our social channels.

Photo album (Flickr) https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzXncA

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Highlights from Regent College London Virtual Graduation 2022

Congratulations to all graduates on your completion of studies at Regent College London! We hope you enjoy watching the highlights for the virtual graduation July 2022!

Student Quotes

Daniela Florentina Fodor

Congratulations to my fellow 2022 graduates! This year has been more than we could’ve imagined when we started the journey. Best wishes to you in all of your future endeavours!

Teodora Ursu

It is true what they say, time flies, but I am glad we have created incredible memories together that I will cherish forever. We worked so hard for this moment. We did it! Congratulations Graduate!

Liliana Jdanov

Sincere congratulations to my colleagues on their successful graduation. I wish you all the best, but first and foremost good luck and wisdom for a great future. Happy Graduation.   

Armando M. Mendes

Without the support and faith in me of my classmates and teachers, I could have not achieved what I achieved today. Thanks a lot for being there.  

Staff Quotes

“This is a great and significant achievement that we are marking today, and I want you to think just for a moment about what it means you and what it means to the world at large. How is the world now going to know you, how are they now going to judge you, what are they going to get to know about you? They are going to see people who have perseverance, they are going to see people who start something and finish that something, who set their goals high and achieve those goals. They’re going to see people with tenacity who stick at things, who work at things, who don’t waver and who achieve their outcome. They’re going to see people who are focused, who can focus on a particular goal and can achieve that goal and they will see people who are ambitious, ambitious for themselves, their future and the society in which they operate. Not least of course, they are going to see people who are successful, because that’s what we are here for, we are here to celebrate your success, your success is also our success. We wish you all the best.”
Michael pinfold

“May I offer my warmest congratulations to all of you. Regent college and university of Bolton share a vision of putting you, the students, at the heart of everything we do. One of the things that excites us most is the way that both staff and students roll their sleeves up and put in that hard work that’s necessary to culminate in the success that we are celebrating. The university works relentlessly with regent college to provide that very best education that we can, but of course it’s you the students who take that onboard and rise to that challenge. By graduating, you now carry on this proud tradition, you all know how hard you’ve worked, and that’s to make sure that you are equipped to take on those tough roles, to make those hard decisions, to lead and to contribute to success in whichever aspect of life you choose. So do pause today and celebrate and spend that quality time with your family and friends and celebrate what you’ve achieved. Well done everybody, celebrate with those and for those around you and be ready to apply what you’ve learnt, to continue making the world this dynamic, every changing and wonderful place.”
Dr Julian Coleman

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