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Please see below for some of our most frequently asked questions:


Student Finance

How can I apply for student finance?

You can apply online here

Am I entitled to Student finance?

You may be eligible for funding from Student Finance England. Please follow this link for more information. If you have already achieved an undergraduate degree (or a qualification at an equivalent or higher level) you will not be eligible for funding.

How long is the application process?

The application process will take around 25-30 minutes, please ensure you read each question carefully.

How does the application process work?

By logging in online and creating an account with the Student Loans Company (SLC) you will be able submit your application via the website. Once this has been submitted, SLC may require you to send evidence to support the information you have provided. After receiving this, SLC will assess your application and make a decision on your application

Am I eligible for maintenance support?

Please see here.

I’m an international student, can I receive Student Finance?

EU Students can apply for tuition fee support from Student Finance England, however, you may not be eligible for maintenance support. On the other hand, depending on your settlement status in the UK you may be able to receive funding. You can check here.

I need some help applying for my student finance / need some more information. Can Regent College London help me?

Yes we can help you. Contact a member of our student finance team on

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Fees and Funding

What are the course fees?

Please visit the Fees page for more information about the cost of your study

Can I receive funding?

You can apply for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England which, if in receipt means you won’t have to pay any of the tuition fees up front and can repay this once you have graduated and are earning above the threshold – Please see here for more details on repayment.

How will I receive funding?

If you are eligible to receive maintenance funding, Student Finance will pay this to you in 3 instalments throughout the year, in line with your term dates. However, this will only be paid if you have a sufficient level of attendance.

Are the fees different for each course?

Our fees vary depending on which course you are studying, please visit the Fees page for more information

Is the Pearson Registration fee refundable?

Yes, this is refundable once Student Finance England pay the first instalment of your tuition fee.

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Application Help

How can I apply?

When applying for our courses, in most cases, you will need to complete the enquiry form on our website or call us directly on +44(0)203 870 6666 and speak to our recruitment team to proceed with your application. You can also reply directly via UCAS for some for our courses.

What does the application process look like?

At Regent College London we try to make the application process as easy as possible. From initial contact to enrolment, our aim is to make each stage of the process clear to applicants and to provide you with all the help, support and advice needed to successfully apply and enrol on our courses:

  • Step 1: Information Advice and Guidance
  • Step 2: English Language requirements (If applicable)
  • Step 3: Making your Application
  • Step 4: Academic interview
  • Step 5: Applying for Student finance (Help and advice available)
  • Step 6: Enrolment – this is where your offer is confirmed
Is the application process the same for all courses?

The application process varies slightly depending on course, and we have two potential routes to apply:

  • Standard Entry (via Academic Achievement)
  • Non-standard Entry (via Work Experience)
How long does the application process take?

“The process depends on the applicant”. Once we have received all the required documents and you have met the entry criteria the admissions team will issue an offer in principle within 48 hours.

I’m not sure what course to study?

At the first point of contact for the College, the Recruitment team will discuss various study options available to you at the Initial Consultation stage, which is usually done over the phone or online. They will also check if you meet all entry criteria.

Is there an application process for international students?

Yes, we do have a process for international students and soon will be published on our website, please be patient with us.

What documents do I need?

Different documents will be required subject to the course and entry criteria. Please refer to ‘entry requirement’ section of your chosen course, alternatively get in touch with the recruitment team who will be happy to help.

What are the entry requirements?

For full information about our entry requirements on each individual course page. Please visit the following link where you can find the document checklist.

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Timetables, Terms Dates and Exams

When does my course start?

We have 4 intakes a year which are September/October, January/February, April/May and June/July. The exact start date will depend on the course you have chosen and it will be stated on your offer letter.

Do you offer flexible timetables?

Yes we offer flexible timetables with day, evening and weekend classes. However, they vary by group and by course.

When are exam periods?

You will receive an academic calendar at beginning of your course which is showing the dates of exam or submission. If you have not received it contact the Registry team at your campus.

What are the current Term Dates?

At the beginning of your course you will receive an academic calendar where the term dates will be stated. If you have not received it contact the Registry team at your campus.

When do exam results come back?

At the beginning of your course you will receive an academic calendar where the exam dates, assignment submission dates and the results dates will be stated. If you have not received it contact the Registry team at your campus.

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IT Help

I can’t log into my Regent College London email address. What do I do?

Please call or email student services – 020 3870 6666 / and a member of the Student Services team will help you.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Please call or email student services – 020 3870 6666 / and a member of the Student Services team will help you.

How do I report an IT Issue?

Please call or email student services – 020 3870 6666 / and a member of the Student Services team will help you.

I am having issues accessing my online lesson via MS Teams. What do I do?

Please call or email student services – 020 3870 6666 / and a member of the Student Services team will help you.

How do I access Regent Connect?

All the students access Regent Connect by downloading it from the app store on their phones and then they login with their college email account and password.

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General Help/Student Services

What kind of help does Student Services offer?

Student Services are here to support all current students in their respective programme of study. We often receive many enquiries from our students on the following scenarios:

  • Attendance
  • Student finance
  • Feedback and submission
  • Extensions and deadlines

For all enquiries above and anything else you may wish to find out, please contact our Student Services Administration Team on 020 3870 6666 or mail us on

Who do I contact if I need help?

Mainline: 020 3870 6666

Drop us a Microsoft Teams Chat by mentioning us in your chat @Studentservices

We are also looking to engage our students with other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook integration. We will keep this updated.

Our team of trained front line administrators will assist you with your enquiry and help resolve the matter by reducing the number of people you need to speak with, they will aim to get you as much information alternatively, they may transfer you to the respective department for your questions to be answered appropriately.

Do you help in finding jobs?

Our team of Student Services Officers within the Student Services are at hand to support all our students on finding employment, they can work with you in identifying training requirements for roles and how best to support you in achieving your long-term goals. Student Services Officers are able to advise and guide you on the career routes you can potentially take. They are also able to help source useful external organisations in your job search.

How do I file a complaint?

To start the complaint process, it’s always best to raise this with a college representative, they would normally put you in contact with a Student Services Officer who will closely manage your case and aim to resolve this for you as an informal process, if at the time you are not happy with the options provided to you, the Student Services Officer will be able to walk you through the complaints procedure and policy for Regent College London where you can exhaust the matter further.

How do I report an absence from class?

We ask all students to report absences with as much notice as possible in advance of the session you will be missing by completing and submitting an absence form to If you need further support or need to discuss matters further you can also call Student Services on 020 3870 6666 and a member of the team will be happy to assist you further. If you are unable to submit the absence form in advance of your absence then please complete and submit this for the duration you were away as soon as you return to studies, its also important you notify the college in your absence by emailing us and letting us know you will complete the absence form on your return so we are aware of any situations you may be facing.

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Mental Health

I need help with my Mental Health. Who do I contact?

Please call us on 020 3870 6666 and a member of the team will put you forward to our Student Services Team. One of the officers will be able to support you on your query and advise you appropriately in order for you to access the support you may need. Alternatively, you can call us and request to speak with Student Support reporting to us as a confidential matter as well as emailing us on

You are also able to access Mental Health support through MIND Connect, our mobile phone app for all students to access anytime – 24 hours a day, on the app you will be able to find useful links as well as helpful tips relating to stress management and mental health support.

What Mental Health Help do you offer?

As above, we would also work with students on an individual case and put into place any support plans appropriate to aid your studies with us – these can take into account extensions to deadlines for modules as well as suitable flexibility around attendance on studies. This is subject to evidence and relevant documentation provided in confidence to the Student Services Team.

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New Students

How do I get a Student Id card?

You will need to contact the Registry team at your campus.

How do I apply for an Oyster card?

You need to visit TFL website to apply for Student Oyster card. The name of the institution is Regent College, Sai House 167 Imperial Drive, Harrow, HA2 7JP.

When do my classes begin?

You will receive your timetable on e-mail prior to the commencement of your course. If you have not received it contact the Registry team at your campus.

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