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English Assessment and Support

FREE English Assessment and Support for Regent Students!

At Regent we want to help and give you every opportunity to join the course of your choice. That’s why our English language specialists at Click English have arranged a quick but very reliable and comprehensive online English admissions test for home students to assess their level.

Plus for both home and international students that need a little support to reach their minimum course requirement in English, we offer FREE intensive online English classes!

Admission Test

Complete our admissions test in less than 120 minutes!

We understand that you have been living and working here for a number of years. However, you need to verify your English level for admissions purposes.

Our online test has been specifically designed for busy people who need a quick but reliable and accurate assessment. Unlike other (Academic English) tests, the Click English Test (CET) has been designed to test the English you use and know, rather than English that you don’t know. We think that is fairer and a better reflection of your current language ability.

Test Summary
  • Delivery: Online (fully invigilated)
  • Test group size: 5 students
  • Test duration: 1 hr 40 mins
  • Test format: Speaking (10 minutes), Reading (30 mins), Listening (20 mins), Writing (40 mins)
  • Test content: General English
  • Levels: 3.0-7.0 (IELTS equivalent)
  • Test results: Within 48 hours
  • Test fee: FREE
  • Gain direct admission onto one of Regent’s academic courses
  • Understand your current level of English and what you need to improve
  • Access the test easily online with one click from your home or work laptop
  • Complete the test in only 1hr 40 mins
  • Choose a time that suits you: 10am-12pm, 2-4pm or 5-7pm, 5 days a week
  • Live invigilation and support throughout the test
  • Receive the test result and recommendations within 48 hours
  • Learn how to improve from our post-test English consultation

Try the Click English Practice Test 1 NOW!

Try the Click English Practice Test 2 NOW!

Download our guide to passing the Click English Test

Call 0203 870 6666 now to book your test.

English Classes

Improve your English and start your dream course.

Need a little help to boost your English in order to pass our test? No problem. Here at Click English we offer you English classes that focus specifically on your areas of weakness so that you can pass our admissions test faster. You can attend classes two or three times a week or come full-time, 15 hours a week, at times that suit you. Classes focus on equipping you with practical English and confidence for: the admissions test, your academic course, plus your future career and life!

Course summary
  • Delivery: Online
  • Average group size: 10
  • Average age: 38
  • Average duration: 6 weeks X 15 hrs/week
  • Hours: 15 hours/week, Monday to Friday
  • Class times: 14.00-17.00 or 18.00-21.00
  • Course start: Any Monday
  • Levels: 3.0-4.5 or 4.5-6.0 (IELTS equivalent)
  • Fees: FREE
  • See sample timetable
  • Learn tips on how to pass the admissions test
  • Improve areas of weakness in your English (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation)
  • Study on days and at times that suit you (2-5pm or 6-9pm Mon-Fri)
  • Dynamic, interactive online lessons from your home or place of work
  • Fully-qualified, expert tutors, experienced in teaching mature students who have been out of formal education for a while
  • Regular progress testing and one to one tutor feedback keeps you on track
  • Meet and study with similar-aged, mature, motivated students from a similar background
  • Average course duration: 6-12 weeks (depending on starting level) to pass the admissions test
  • 75% pass rate on admissions test after successful completion of the course
  • Improve study, intercultural, communication and ICT skills too
  • 90% Excellent in our student feedback

Call 0203 870 6666 now to book your classes.

What our students say


Thank you for the wonderful class.

Violeta Sterian

You have all the qualities that supposed to have a teacher compassion, patience and commitment.  I learned a lot during this weeks and I feel that my English improved after I attended the classes.


Just to say thanks you for your patience during classes and to make you proud as I have passed!

Petya Petrov

Just want to say how much I do appreciate your hard work with us, you are so patient and your way of teaching is more than I was expecting to receive when I started this course.

Marinica Onica

I got my results and I am very happy!! You are a great teacher!!! The way how you explain it’s really amazing, not many people has this ability.