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Embracing Higher Education as a Mature Student

It's Never Too Late to Learn!

Life’s responsibilities can often seem overwhelming, but at Regent, we believe they shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your educational aspirations. We are committed to supporting mature students from all walks of life, helping you realise your career potential through higher education.

Group of mature students

Integrating as a Mature Student

No matter your age, whether 19 or 49, our student community is incredibly diverse, spanning various countries, cultures, and age groups. This rich tapestry of backgrounds ensures that you’ll find your place here without ever feeling out of place. The opportunity to form new friendships and gain insights from different generations and cultures will greatly enhance your learning experience, making it as enjoyable as it is educational.


Fitting Education Into Your Lifestyle

We recognise the challenges of balancing life’s commitments with your educational goals. That’s why we offer flexible study options that cater specifically to your needs. Our schedules are designed to accommodate those with personal commitments, featuring evening, weekend, and online classes, making learning accessible and manageable for everyone.


The Convenience of Studying Here

Accessibility is a cornerstone of our approach to education. Our campuses are conveniently located across London, each within a five-minute walk of major transport links like tube and bus stations. Alongside state-of-the-art facilities and high-speed Wi-Fi, studying here is designed to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.


Here at Regent, we not only welcome mature students, but we also provide a supportive and flexible environment that empowers you to succeed. Whether you are restarting your educational journey or aiming to enhance your qualifications, we are here to facilitate your path to success, ensuring that you can achieve the educational and career goals you envision.