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Women in Leadership

Over the course of hundreds of years, women have continually had to fight for their rights, from the suffragettes to recent times with the #metoo movement, it’s a continuous battle between women and injustice. Gender should not play a role in whether you are the right for any sort of job, nor should it determine if you would make a great leader, but unfortunately, in this day and age, there is still a massive bias against women in leadership roles. And so, in today’s blog post, we want to celebrate women in leadership! We’ll be listing a few reasons as to why women make such powerful leaders and celebrating (some) of the world’s most inspiring female leaders!
Women in Leadership

We have listed some points that demonstrate the fact that women can make great leaders, in any kind of industry:

  1. Empathetic: It is widely known that women in general tend towards more empathy than men when it comes to many situations in life, and that reigns true in leadership styles too. Whilst not all female leaders are more empathetic then men, the majority are. Women are able to build more skilful relationships due to their empathetic natures. In addition, this allows women to acknowledge others for their efforts in the workplace. Having empathy also allows women to be great listeners, they take their time to listen to their employees, which plays a part in a successful manager and employee relationship.
  2. Great multi-taskers: “Women make great leaders as we are natural multitaskers. The ability to decisively and quickly respond to simultaneous and different tasks or problems at a time is a critical component to successful leadership.” – Carolann Tutera, president, SottoPelle. To add to that, most women are accustomed to balancing different tasks and responsibilities, such as balancing family and work life, or perhaps juggling academic studies with family life. Which is one of the reasons why Regent College London is the place to study. We offer flexible timetables with Weekend, Weekday and Evening Classes – all of which can help you study around your busy life commitments.
  3. Strong Communication Skills: “Communication is said to be among a woman’s strongest skill — and female leaders know how to use it! In addition, Tina also mentioned that “female business leaders are able to communicate regularly, clearly and openly.” – Tina Bacon-DeFrece, president, Big Frog. Communication is a key skill in building strong relationships, and women know how to do that just well!
  4. They Defy the Odds: A great point to end on – “Women make great leaders because the odds are against us to lead. When you’re the underdog, it takes an extra push to get to the top. That’s why the women who emerge on top are extraordinarily strong and capable. We had to fight to get there!” – Sarah Attman, principal, Sarah Rose Public Relations. As women have to work harder then men to get to the top, they push through all the barriers with determination and choose to defy the odds.

And there have it, a handful of great reasons as to why women make great leaders! But now, let’s take a quick look at a few female leaders that are currently in power

Kamala Harris – Vice President of the United States of America

You have all probably heard about Kamala Harris, but just in case you haven’t, she became the first female Vice President of the United States! Even before becoming VP, Kamala was an established figure within the political world. As an accomplished Senator and Lawyer, Kamala has always maintained a message of hope for the future and proactively works to improve the world and its future leaders.

Kathrin Jansen – Head of Vaccine Research and Development at Pfizer

Over the course of the pandemic, frontline workers have worked tirelessly in proving healthcare for the most vulnerable, and as the world has slowly started to reopen, we have the Coronavirus Vaccines to thank for that. Behind the scenes, Kathrin Jansen was tasked with the massive task of creating a COVID Vaccine. Throughout the year, Kathrin has lead a team of around 650 to develop one of the most successful coronavirus vaccines, that has now been given to millions of people around the world. Her leadership has not only changed the science industry, but the world and the people in it – saving countless lives.

Jacinda Arden – Prime Minister of New Zealand

Jacinda Arden was elected as Prime Minister of New Zealand at the age of 37 in 2017, and was the world’s youngest female head of state! Less then a year into her role, she gave birth to a daughter and has gone onto giving major speeches with her child on her lap (epitome of multi-tasking, right?). Her strong leadership has seen her take immediate action against gun violence and lead her country successfully through a world pandemic.

Florence Nightingale – Founder of Modern Nursing

Although we have listed great female leaders of our current time, we can’t forget those who have paved the way for us. Florence Nightingale was an incredibly determined female who looked after British Soldiers during the Crimea War. This was a historic moment, as it was the first time that women were allowed to serve in the army. When she arrived to help, the place was dirty and not in the best condition, she then transformed the place to ensure soldiers were well looked after and comfortable. Due to her incredible efforts, she came back a hero and improved the quality of healthcare around the world.

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