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Why you should attend a Virtual Open Day & How To Take Full Advantage

Although Open Days have changed and become virtual, you can still take advantage attending a Virtual Open Day. Virtual Open Days are a great way to find out more about different universities and their courses, whilst offering you a chance to engage with Q + A’s with various staff members. At Regent College London, we hosted our very first Virtual Open Day in February and it was a success, so we are thrilled to announce three Virtual Open Days in March! Scroll right to the bottom of the page to register for any date that suits you best! Virtual Open Days are becoming widely popular and you may be wondering how to make the most out of the virtual experience? Well we’ve got you covered, we’re going to be listing great ways to take full advantage, as well as why you should attend a Virtual Open Day with Regent College London.

Why you should attend a Virtual Open Day & How To Take Full Advantage

Why Should I attend a Virtual Open Day?

Let’s begin with why you should attend a Virtual Open Day. They’re great to help you gain much more in-depth information about Regent College London, the different courses on offer, and much more.

At our virtual open day, you will hear from our Principal, Heads of Schools, expert Academic Faculty, Recruitment and Admissions Officers, Student Finance Manager about applying and studying at Regent College London. You can find out all you need to know about our higher education courses, our transformational learning programmes and the digital delivery of our courses. Or you could ask our students directly about their experience.

Why Attend a Virtual Open Day?

  1. Find out about our range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  2. Meet and chat online with the various Heads of Schools
  3. Chat with our recruitment team about the course entry requirements and the application
  4. Find out about our English language requirements and free English language support
  5. Get information and guidance on Student Finance
  6. Get your questions answered and find out which course is best suited for you

How to take full advantage of a Virtual Open Day

Understand how they work

Although Open Days are now completed online, the principle still remains the same; to get more information on the universities, the different courses available to you, student finance and much more. However, the main difference is the format of the event as well as the duration. For this, it’s best to understand how the Virtual Open Day you’re attending is going to work, for example, where the event is going to be hosted (Zoom, Skype etc) and also the agenda for the event.

With Regent College London, we set out the Virtual Open Day Agenda on the website, allowing the attendees to have a read through and understand the running order of events on the day. We cover a range of topics, from student finance, a student panel and much more. You can read all about our Virtual Open Day Agenda here.

Internet Connection

As with everything we have had to do over the past year, you should try to have a stable internet connection to partake in the event properly. You want to be able to get the most out of the Virtual Open Day and wouldn’t want to spend it logging back in and out. Also, with a better internet connection you will be able to navigate yourself around the session effectively.

The Regent College London Virtual Open Days allow you to take part in our Breakout Sessions which feature:

  • Coffee and chat with the Principal – Dr Selva Pankaj
  • More than just academic learning – an introduction to our transformational learning programmes – Dr Chris Wood, Head of Research and Enrichment
  • Digital academic delivery – Mr Matthew Vose, Digital Learning Manager
  • How to apply – Ms Anelis Tarabuta, Admissions, Recruitment and Widening Access (ARWA) Officer and Mr Charitha Waduge Admissions, Recruitment and Widening Access (ARWA) Officer
  • English language requirements and pre-sessional English support – Mr Scott Bushell, Head of International Recruitment and School of Click English
  • Student finance – Mr Rhonan Dunphy, SLC Manager

Prepare any Questions

As with any Virtual Open Day, you will want to ask as many questions as possible, so its best to have them prepared beforehand, just so you don’t forget any.

You will find that with the Regent College London Virtual Open Days, you will be able to ask staff members an array of questions. You will also have the chance to ask current Regent College London students any other questions you may have. That would be great to take advantage of, as you are able to receive answers based on a students perspective and get a little idea of how that may reflect your time at Regent College London.

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Regent College London Virtual Open Days

Our March Open Days are listed below:

  1. Wednesday 3rd March 2021: 4:30pm – 6:30pm.
  2. Saturday 20th March 2021: 12:00pm – 2:00pm.
  3. Monday 29th March 2021: 4:30pm – 6:30pm.

For more information on our Virtual Open Days, click here.

We hope you see you there!

Why attend a Virtual Open Day - Regent College?