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What to do in London: September 2021 Edition

There’s only four months left of 2021 and most of us are still processing life before March 2020! It’s hit September and now is the time to really enjoy the rest of 2021. Although we didn’t get much of a Summer this year (typical British Weather), we can look to enjoy the Autumn Season. It’s the time to get wrapped up in our warmer clothes and swap iced coffees for hot chocolates. However, with Autumn approaching and the weather getting colder, it doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy outdoor activities, and with that being said, let’s get onto September’s Edition of what to do in London.
What to do in London - Things to do in London

Mini Golf, Crazy Golf or any kind of Golf!

Golfing is quite a sporty activity, and can take most of the day, however, if you’re looking for something a lot quicker and a little bit more fun, why not try Crazy Golf! There are many Crazy Golf places set up in and around London that you can book beforehand and enjoy. You can take a group of your friends to a course and paired with food and drink, it’s a great evening out! Why not have a quick read here of the best Crazy Golf places around.

Chelsea Flower Show

Something completely different to Golf; the Chelsea Flower Show! The world’s greatest flower show will be held for the first time ever in September with the usual cutting-edge garden design, fabulous floral displays and simply the best shopping. It can get quite busy and it’s probably best to book your tickets beforehand. You will be able to view stunning flower and plant exhibitions, most that will take your breath away! To find out more, click here.
Chelsea Flower Show

Float in Cinema

Want to watch your favourite movie, but from a boat? A brand new concept and one that we can all enjoy! The Float in Cinema is a open air cinema that allows you and a group of friends enjoy a movie all from the comfort of a boat, yes, a boat! Before watching your movie, you will be able to take it for a little ride around the Paddington Basin, and then you’ll be able to dock your boat and enjoy the movie. But don’t worry, you don’t have to book a boat just to take part in this open air cinema, there are also deckchairs on hand for you to sit comfortable and enjoy. Does this concept float your boat (see what we did there)? You can read more here to find out all you need to know about the different showings.

The Northern Lights, but in London?

Have you ever wanted to visit the Northern Lights? What if we told you that you wouldn’t need to take a flight to see them! You can spot them in London! Okay, they aren’t the *actual* Northern Lights, but they are cool. The stunning ‘Borealis’ from renowned artist Dan Acher is once again returning to London, as part of this year’s Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF). You’ll find it at Greenwich’s historic Old Royal Naval College. Read more here.