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What to do in Lockdown 2.0

Many of us find ourselves in the second lockdown of the year and although it can seem like this pandemic is never ending, we all need to keep positive and keep in mind that one day, it will all be over. For now though, as we go into the second lockdown, we might find it hard to keep ourselves occupied. We might have completed everything we needed to in the first lockdown and you might be wondering what an earth am I going to do now? Well, don’t worry, we’ve written up a quick little blog post on a few things you can do to help pass your time.
 What to do in Lockdown 2.0

Host a Games Night

‘Can you hear me?’ – The most common phrase of 2020! We all know how Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and many more software’s became the ‘hit’ of the first lockdown and it looks like they’re about to make a return! So why not host a Games Night with your friends and family? You can take inspiration from Google, play some classic games or perhaps create your own. It’s incredibly important to keep in touch with our loved ones and a weekly games night will definitely help.

Download Streaming Services

You might have gotten tired of daytime TV, so why not subscribe to a streaming service or two, if you can. There’s a range to choose from, Netflix, Disney+, NOWTV, Amazon Prime and much more! The best part is that you can always find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to watch something educational, or an adventurous movie, you will surely be kept entertained.

Practice your culinary skills

You may have missed out on the chance to work on your cooking and baking skills during Lockdown 1.0, so why not do so now? There are many resources online and many cookery programmes available that will help you perfect your favourite dish. Another great idea is to recreate your favourite restaurant style dish at home.!

Get ready for the Festive Season

What better time is it to get prepared for Christmas?! As we’re all tucked in our homes to help keep us out of the Winter cold, it’s a great time to get into the Festive Spirit! Whether that’s listening to Christmas Songs, watching the Christmas Movies or simply sorting out your Christmas Decorations, they are all bound to keep you busy and help you during the Festive Season. As this year is going to be pretty different to the others, traditions might not be able to be held, so why not create new traditions? You can make them as fun and exciting as you wish!

Look into your Family History

This can be quite interesting, many are always wondering about their ancestry and their roots, why not take a deeper look in Lockdown 2.0? There’s great websites out there that help you delve into your family history. Their records contain a range of information censuses, wills, birth records and even records of people’s jobs. You’re bound to find more relatives than you ever know!

Organise your phone

Many organised their homes in March and did things they have been putting off, but have you ever thought about organising your phone? Deleting old photos, contacts, apps and anything off your phone with no use can be very therapeutic!

Virtual Events

With physical events a thing of the past, many companies are hosting virtual events which you can get involved in. We know they’re not exactly the same but they can surely help you feel part of a community. Taking part of a virtual event will also help you get excited to be a part of something, Lockdown can get quite boring, so having an event to look forward too is always a good thing!
Lockdown part two in London and what to do

Learn a Language

How about learning a language? Being bilingual might just happen to be a goal of yours, and you might find yourself a French expert in a matter of weeks. There are many Apps and other resources that you can look into to help you learn the language you have always wanted too.


Lastly, with a second Lockdown, there’s no better time to educate yourself on a topic that you’ve always wanted too. You might want to start your Higher or Further education journey and qualify with a new degree! At Regent College London, we offer a range of university style degrees that are perfect to help you advance or kickstart a new career. Read more here.