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What to do in July 2021: London Edition

Is it coming home? I guess we will all find out in due course! With Euros 2020 taking centre stage in the lives of many at the moment, it’s only right to include a few football events that you can take part in during July! As London starts to open back up, there are more and more events and activities that we can look to do. Virtual Events are still taking place and are most likely here to stay. But for today’s blog post, we’ll be listing a few real-life events that you may enjoy!

What to do in July 2021 - London Edition

Football Fever

Euros 2020 Football

Kicking things off with all things Football! There are numerous football events taking place during the first weeks of July. Fans are scrambling to get tickets to the final and semi-final matches, you might just get lucky finding a spot, check here for any updates.

However, you can still soak in the football atmosphere at fan events across London. One of which includes at both the Boxpark’s in Wembley, Croydon and Shoreditch. Boxpark are hosting Live Events & FanParks. All the information can be found here.

Sixes Cricket Club

If Football isn’t your thing, you can check out Sixes Cricket Club. They have a couple of locations in London and is a great activity to do with a bunch of friends. It’s the world’s first social entertainment cricket venue where you can hit balls for sixes, fours, or less! The cricket simulator bowls to individuals and scores can be seen on global leader boards! Not only can you hit a ball for six, you can also enjoy a bite to eat and drink. Why not have a little browse here.

Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon

Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon

Have you ever wanted to try the classic British snack of Strawberries & Cream? Well why not have them at Wimbledon? Sports has truly taken centre court (stage) here in England, and it only gets stronger with the love of Tennis! You can enter Wimbledon from as little as £27, and you can find the order of play, in addition to all the other information on the Wimbledon Site here.

Lavender Fields

And if sports isn’t your thing all together, why not take a little trip to a Lavender Field. Lavender season usually runs throughout the summer months, peaking in August, and there are plenty of opportunities to lay your eyes – and nose – on the stuff. There are many Lavender Fields in and around London! You can even have a little picnic if you wish, find out where your closest Lavender Field is here.

Academic Skills Webinar

Lastly, if you want to take part in a virtual event, we have a great one, which occurs weekly, on every Tuesday. The Academic Skills Webinars are very useful for all students as the host, Vanessa Lima goes through a number of topics that will help you succeed in your studies. Topics such as Harvard Referencing, Academic Strategies and Using Sources will be covered. These webinars are only available to internal students, who should have received an email about the events.

Academic Skills Webinar - Regent College London