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Wealth Creation Programme launched

Regent College London is delighted to announce the launch of our Wealth Creation Programme, as part of a series of initiatives to provide wider curriculum and pastoral support for our students during the global pandemic.

This programme is directed at all students, although particular focus is placed upon students who will be graduating from taught courses in 2021, and so entering a work environment characterised by a series of economic contractions.
Wealth Creation Programme for Students at Regent College London

Utilising many of the principles that underwrite Thinking into Character, including the principles that much of success is determined by mindset and that decisions rather than circumstances are the principal drivers of results, this programme will support students to transform their thinking around wealth and enterprise, in order that they may further develop a mindset conducive to wealth creation.

What is a wealth conducive mindset?

The first thing to note is that wealth is not always monetary in nature; wealth includes health, family and community relations. Inviting students to take a broad view on what wealth consists in is an important piece of the puzzle. Monetary wealth, and the principles required to achieve monetary wealth in times of economic crisis are also closely examined. Here the view is taken that our attitude to opportunity, our capacity to develop ourselves, and our ability to use our imaginations to engage in entrepreneurial ventures are critical to the creation of material wealth. Here students are learning to develop a new framework within which to prepare and plan for their next move as they leave Regent College and broaden their horizons in the world of work.

The programme, which launched last Saturday (7-11-2020), has gathered support from both students and teachers alike. In response to the question, “what did you learn from this lesson,” students commented:

“I learnt about money and I know now it’s all about flow, I learnt that there are laws that are involved in getting rich.”

“We all have equal opportunities to progress and achieve no matter where you are, and it is your mindset that directs you to your destiny.”

“I am interested to learn more on the difference between man-made Laws & the Universal Laws, which relate to the accumulation of wealth.”

The new Wealth Creation Programme is facilitated by the Principal of Regent College London and the CEO of Regent Group, Dr. Selva Pankaj. Dr. Selva has a long history of facilitating programmes that explore human capacities and human potential, having studied under Professor Clayton Christensen as part of his executive education at Harvard Business School.

The Wealth Creation Programme is available not just for our students, but to everyone. Find our more details of the programme here.