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Visions and Dreams

Amelia’s story
It started with a dream.
I dreamed of orange sand. I dreamed of walking through poppy fields and olive fields. I could see myself there as in a photograph.
Waking up in a morning after that dream my heart shouted: Provence, Provence, Provence!
That moment was like a revelation. My dream was a vision that shook my world. As I awoke, I felt what I dreamt, and I knew that this feeling connected to my past, present and future.
It is hard to explain in words – that’s why I’m an artist – but the feeling I had following the dream was overwhelming, and it represented something in my soul. There was something, somewhere deep inside myself, and it was trying to reveal itself to me.
It was very obvious in my mind what I needed to do. I had to go to Provence.
My trip to Provence
I went to Provence to find something of myself.
I went to Provence to discover what it was that my soul was trying to communicate to me through my vision.
I new that whatever I found there, I would have to transform it into art.
The project begins
I went to Provence and I took photos that were an expression of my vision. I decided to transform each of the photographs into a painting, and to connect these different visual representations to the feeling that was the source of both images. I decided to represent the feeling through poetry.
The feeling that I want to create is like something passing throughout my soul, like continuous water, spilling from my grandfather through me.
Through the three different mediums (photography, painting and poetry) I want to achieve a union between past, present and future.
I will host an exhibition in a poppy field or in an olive oil field in Provence, where people are free to walking and look at my work. The pictures, paintings and poetry will be hung onto trees, and various landmarks, they will be part of the landscape. People walking can discover them as they walk. It will not be an ordinary exhibition.
Bringing visions to life
I never thought it would be possible to bring my vision to life through an exhibition in Provence, and now that is exactly what I am planning!
Being involved in the Thinking into Character Pilot is just amazing. I trust myself more and I believe I can make the impossible happen for me.
I really understand that a vision is not something that you force to come in your mind. It is a powerful divine mixture, and you can bring it to life.
Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story