Unite as One

Naomie’s story

A personal shock
I was completely shocked, upset and angered by what had been allowed to happen at Grenfell Tower.
Personally, I had experienced so many things within the social system, being a single parent with a child with Spina Bifida.
The restrictions of other people’s opinions and blockages I had faced, from housing to education, to lack of support from those in the position to make a difference and who, I felt had chosen not to for bureaucratic reasons and box ticking. I had experienced being treated as a number and as a statistic rather than as a human being.
The fact that the occupants of Grenfell had suffered so much loss through the decisions of persons who did not appear to care reminded me of my own experience.
Unite as One
The motivation for writing my song was the raw emotion and realization of what had happened to the residents of Grenfell.
I felt that so many lives had been lost through ignorance, lack of empathy and an obvious division between rich and poor communities. This feeling became the truth of my song.
I wrote and recorded the song quickly. Although the recording at the time was still quite raw and not fully mastered, I released it alongside a video highlighting not only Grenfell, but unnecessary and preventable suffering around the world.
I wanted the voices of those people who might have felt powerless around the world to be heard, and at the same time, to highlight our common humanity, our common rights. I wanted to use this song and my voice to open the hearts of listeners and remind them that there is more that unites us than divides us.
This is why the song is called Unite as One