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Tips For New Students

Entering Higher or Further Education is a daunting prospect, it’s the unfamiliar territory many students can either be nervous or excited about. Either way, the 3-4 years you spend at university are like to shape your life and career and with that in mind, they can be pretty life changing. Living away from home, making new friends and learning a new subject can be nerve-wrecking things, but they can be made a little more easeful with a few student handy tips on your shoulders. Which is exactly what our blog post is about today; a few tips for new students or those returning to education.
advice for new students in college and university

Be Prepared

… As well as you can be! There’s no such thing as over preparing, however, we know that you can prepare for everything, so it’s best to prepare as much as you can. Whether you’re living out or commuting from home, try to prepare for what you might be faced with. If you’re living out, buy all the essentials needed weeks before you move into your accommodation and the same applies if you’re commuting from home. Make sure you have all your stationery supplies ready, your travel card and everything else you may need.

Have a Budget

Its always best to create a monthly/weekly budget to help keep on track of your finances. By budgeting, you will find yourself less stressed about financial worries, as a budget will help you spend what you can afford. Many universities have freshers weeks and many students take part and tend to spend quite a lot of money, which isn’t an advisable thing to do, especially if you’re student loan hasn’t arrived into your account yet. We know planning a budget can sound serious, boring and make you feel like you’re a lot older, but just spending 30 minutes a week can be really useful. Moreover, there are many apps that you can download to help keep your spending on track.

Find A Balance

As your social life starts to take off, so can your workload. The workload can be quite overwhelming and balancing that with your newly found social life can prove tricky and challenging. But, you don’t need to worry, if you can perfect a social/work life balance, you will find yourself less overwhelmed. This is where your time management skills come in handy!

Keep Healthy

Many parents worry that their child will be overwhelmed with the new university experience and forget to look after themselves. Its best to keep yourself healthy, mentally, and physically. When you get some spare time, try to be as active as you can and also remember to take care of yourself mentally too, whether that’s taking a few minutes to meditate or read, find something that you will do for you!

Keep In Touch

With the first few weeks of university, you’re meeting new faces and new friends, which makes it a great thing to keep in touch with those back home. Your friends, family and loved ones back at home would surely love to catch up with you and find out how your university experience is going.

Embrace University Life

Whether you’re living out or at home, try to embrace everything Higher Education has to offer. Make the most of the 9AM lectures, the social gatherings and of course the university experience itself. Embrace new opportunities and join society’s if you can, its by taking up new challenges that you will find yourself growing as an individual, both professionally and personally. With that being said, always stay true to yourself, do things that only you wish to do, don’t feel pressured into undertaking tasks that you don’t want to do.

Back Up Your Work

We had to add in this cheeky little tip, always, always and always back up your work. It’s a terrible feeling having lost all your work in which you spent hours completing. It’s happened to many students in the past and there is no worse feeling! Back up your work on Google Docs, One Drive, or on a good old fashioned USB Stick!