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Thinking into Character (TiC) Student Forum is born

I am delighted to announce the creation of The TiC Student Forum.
Members of The TiC Student Forum will meet to discuss their progress towards their personal, professional and academic goals and to offer each other encouragement and support in these areas. The group will also initiate and organise student-led events.
The first action of the TiC Student Forum is to organise Step 1, a 3-day Business Fair to be held in July 2019 at Regent College, Wembley Campus (WC).
Students at WC with existing businesses are encouraged to attend the fair to:

  • Showcase their business
  • Network with other students who are also business owners
  • Share their knowledge and experience with students who are planning to open a business
  • Learn more about the TiC methodology

In line with TiC methodology, Step 1 aims to provide a platform for students that will facilitate their personal, professional and academic growth and enhancement.
Akosua Bonsu, Head of Strategic Development for Thinking into Character (TiC), said: “I know that this group is going to do AMAZING things. It will be a resounding success, and ensure that a positive student voice resonates throughout Regent College, Wembley.”
You will be hearing a lot more about the activities of the TIC student Forum in due course.
Watch this space!
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