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Thinking into Character (TiC) Pilot – Week 2

Thinking into Character (TiC) workshops in Wembley continue, with students this week covering lessons 3 & 4 on Digital Platform. In discussion this week students worked together to better understand and overcome the gap between thinking and doing. Students were also exposed to the work of Bob Proctor, specifically the idea of The Stick Person.
Feedback from pilot participants this week:
Kenny Oganyo: A very different approach to learning. This is a much needed addition. I have felt inspired.
Winsome Reid: I find these classes inspirational… [The workshops have made it] so clear what I need to be focussing on each day. But it is not just that they are the things that will actually make me happy. Doing this exercise is giving me a sense of purpose.
TiC Student Forum
Through discussion in TiC workshops this week, the TiC Student Forum was born. The TiC Student forum is a student-led and student-focused group that aims to support and encourage each other to achieve personal, professional and academic goals. The Forum will also organise events, the first of which being a Student Business Fair, due to be held in WC in July, and coordinated by Radu, Naomi, Alcinda and Amelia.
Akosua Bonsu, Head of Strategic Development for TiC, said: “I am delighted at the initiative and self-organisation of TiC pilot participants. Setting up this forum to support one another in their journey to achieve their personal, professional and career goals is impressive. I am even more impressed that the first project initiated by the TiC Student Forum is one that aims to support others. These students really do embody the spirit of TiC, and exemplify the motto of Regent College: the end of education is character. I couldn’t be more proud.”
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