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Thinking into Character: Pilots begin

Thinking into Character (TiC) workshops began this week as Regent College prepares for the launch of the TiC programme in July. The first cohort of workshop participants met on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week to learn how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals (lessons 1 and 2 on the digital platform).
Manqueda (Naomie) Marshall, a student participant, singer-song writer and aspiring novelist said, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done in college!”
Radu Tobol, a student participant and founder of Us4ALL Ltd, a care company registered with Company House, also committed: “It is a great pleasure to participate to the pilot program…These are important life lessons, too frequently neglected by the core curriculum.”
What is thinking into character?
Thinking into Character (TiC) is a Personal and Professional Development Programme comprising 12 digital lessons. The program is designed to help students to think better, set and achieve meaningful goals, and take actions which will lead to a productive and happy future. Thinking into character is designed and developed by Regent College CEO Selva Pankaj, and is free for all regents college students and staff.

About our workshops
Thinking into Character (TiC) workshops will run from 27 May through to early June. The purpose of the workshops is to give students the opportunity to:

  • Broaden their knowledge of each lesson through discussion
  • Get feedback on course content with trained facilitators
  • Work collaboratively with peers to motivate one another to attain big goals
  • Become ambassadors of this radical new approach to teaching and learning

Tanya Tanna, Student Experience & Wellbeing Manager, says: “They say that “We become what we think.” Thinking into Character will help our students to find out what they really want, to achieve their dreams and find their way to success. I am really excited to be part of this project!”
Akosua Bonsu, Head of Strategic Development for Thinking into Character (TiC), added: “The philosophy behind TiC is simple: It is our habitual thinking which leads to our action, and our actions which lead to our results. Our aim is to transform lives by developing in ourselves and our students the root cause of all success: the way we think.”
For more information on Thinking into Character, contact: Akosua Bonsu