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Guidance for students on current and future delivery methods

Many of our students have participated in our student survey relating to delivery methodologies and their preference for AY 2021/22. The results of the survey have been presented to our awarding body partners and we have feedback to the DfE on our approach to delivery from September 2021. To align with expectations of our students, partners and regulatory bodies, our approach to teaching from 27 September 2021, we have decided to take a cautious approach to delivery. These involve:

  • Digital synchronous live delivery via any device, any place, with scheduled sessions, but not anytime.
  • Digital asynchronous delivery via any device, any place, anytime.
  • Digital live face-to-face delivery via any device at REGENT’s technology powered compact campus locations.

Our approach is to continue with a digital synchronous methodology with a mixture of the above approaches to enable support for students and staff through this period of uncertainty. As a result, we will continuously monitor our position and keep you informed of the changes (if any) of our approaches as we progress through the Academic Year. For more information please look at ‘Our Approach’, page.


Our aspiration has always been to foster a new and dynamic approach to HE for our type of students and provide careful and safe environment to meaningfully engage in their studies.

As most would appreciate, the pandemic has caused significant impact on the HE sector and we are continuously monitoring and reviewing our position in line with the sector guidance:

Our approach is to protect you our students, our staff, the wider community and the NHS. Accordingly, we will be encouraging our students to follow the government’s protocol on testing and supporting safety as we navigate through these uncertain periods.

Keep us informed!

We appreciate that our students may be faced with circumstances beyond their control and we ask that you engage with your HubX management team as a matter of urgency should you require support.

Sites Opening

As we transition to this adoptive model, all our sites will be opened from Monday 20 September 2021. All sites will be managed and risk management protocols will be taken in line with government guidance and the focus on safety. For the purpose of clarity these sites are:

  1. Regent House
  2. Carmine Court
  3. Regent Hill House
  4. Mason House
  5. Bishops House
  6. RSSB House
  7. Madison House

To reiterate, our (London) campus is opened on all sites but our delivery strategy for the group timetabled curriculum delivery will be one of the above mentioned approaches. We recognise that there are wider support mechanisms need for students and hence we expect the following should inform student decisions in campus utilisation:

  • Teacher interaction/tutorial:   The default might be that these take place via Teams, but there will be opportunity for students to meet with the academic team. Most academics will be on site and have pre-book office hour and on-to-one sessions available.
  • Social learning:  sites are opened for students to meet with their peers to interact in the learning environment. However, we would ask that all risk management protocols are followed in line with the government guidance.
  • Academic Support:  some SCOPE sessions will be offered on campus for the purpose of those feeling comfortable to do so.
  • Student Support:  sessions will be available to be booked on campus to speak one-to-one with specialists if needed (e.g. disability, financial, welfare, etc).
  • Alternative personal study space:  sites will be opened for use in accordance with risk management protocols.
  • IT help and advice:  service will be available via or Harrow site for the purpose of IT support or uplifting a laptop.
  • Engagement sessions: sites will be made available for students to engage in the studies for the purpose of regular attendance to meet the expectations of SLC (where required) and other regulatory bodies.
Continuous Review and Planning

We will continue to monitor all expectations on us as a HE institution and will continue to provide our students with support to meet their expectations. However, where there may be instances where we cannot meet all expectations, we will communicate with our students and staff of any changes.

Module based timetables will be set out with specific requirements and sessions over the course the semester. If you have any timetable issues, please contact your HubX management team. For the purpose of clarity:

  • New student timetables will be sent via our enrolment teams.
  • Existence student timetables will be sent via registry team.

We trust that we will continuously involve all key stakeholders through the first semester and beyond as we progress in the academic year.