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Returning to campus and delivery methods  

We are excited to welcome you to campus on 25th April, 2022.   

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on campus next semester. You will no doubt be aware we have been working diligently during the pandemic to support you all with digital delivery, and now as we all move from a pandemic to an endemic situation, we are preparing our innovative delivery model for all our customers, to complement the in-person on-campus experience.   

We have listened to you

We have listened to you all over the past 2 years and taken the journey with you to discover what works best for your study aspirations.   

In response to your feedback, we have finessed our blended learning approach to consist of a combination of in-person, synchronous and asynchronous delivery that is in line with our core competencies.    

This hybrid approach to study provides you with the greatest flexibility for study and the work / life balance. We know you are all dedicated students with excellent attendance and have consistently achieved good results across the board – during study, on graduation and post study in regards to Graduate Outcomes.     

 Our Core Competencies
  1. Digital live in-person delivery via any device at REGENT’s technology powered compact campus locations.   
  2. Digital synchronous live delivery via any device, any place, with scheduled sessions, but not anytime.   
  3. Digital asynchronous delivery via any device, any place, anytime   
What this means for you

You will be expected to attend campus during your study for timetabled teaching session slots to ensure you receive the best possible study support, and to fulfil the requirements of the awarding and regulatory bodies like SLC. You also have the opportunity to partake in synchronous learning, and we have gone one step further to offer you 24/7 access to study materials via asynchronous delivery at any time to supplement your independent study.

This is all supported by the Regent Teaching, Learning, Assessment, and Curriculum Continuum (TLACC) and is integrated with immersed learning powered by Ed.TiC to enable you to change habits, behaviours and finally to achieve your desired RESULTS.   

In practice this means you will typically study 4 modules over a standard 15-week semester. Your time will be split across the 3 core competencies.


To support you in this our HubX and CSOs will continue to keep a live log of your attendance in each of the 3 core competencies and support you on a daily basis to ensure you fulfil the requirements of your course, and any student loans you may have.