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International Students

Why study in London

Studying in London provides students with a very unique experience. The City of London offers an atmosphere like no other, with vibrant communities, incredible shopping districts and mouth watering restaurants, London is truly the place to study.

The cosmopolitan city leads in many industries including a leading Financial Centre in Canary Wharf, a thriving Business district based in the Centre of London and of course, superior Law Firms in Chancery Lanes. London attracts the very best businesses with its breath-taking architecture and deep history.

London really is the place to study and is guaranteed to offer students a great, life-changing experience. Not only does the City offer diverse communities in every aspect of London, it is also encapsulated with museums, libraries and theatres, all of which add to a student’s social life!

Regent College London currently offers the following course for international students:

MSc International Management


We are here to help you every step of the way

Here at Regent College London we understand that coming to a new country can be a challenge, we are there to help you every step of the way from things such as completing a course application, helping you find accommodation, to even opening bank account etc.

We are here to ensure that you receive a high quality education, without any doubts or concerns.We understand that it is not only our responsibility to teach our international students, but it is also our responsibility to ensure that there is someone to turn to in the College should they need advice or assistance on any matter.

We have many years of experience of receiving international students and are well versed in dealing with the problems that students experience when adjusting to a life in the United Kingdom and supporting them through their period of adjustment.

Therefore, we will assist students in such matters as:
  • Planning travel arrangements to the United Kingdom
  • Ensuring students are enrolled on an appropriate course
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Registering with the Health Service

Why Choose Regent College London?

There are many reasons to study with us at Regent College London, a few include:

  1. Flexible Timetables: With our Morning, Evening and Weekend Classes, our timetables allow you to fit your study around your busy life commitments!
  2. Progression Opportunities: We offer a great selection of degrees that help advance your current career, or kickstart a new one.
  3. Highly Experienced Tutors: We have some of the best tutors within the Education Sector whom deliver engaging lessons to our students.
  4. Small Class Sizes: In addition, small class sizes ensure 1-2-1 advice and help when needed.
  5. Practical Training: This includes, Field trips, Guest speakers and Industry presentations
  6. Phenomenal Student Support
  7. Thinking into Character: A we have developed a transformational programme called ‘Thinking into Character’ (TiC). TiC is designed to help you think better, set and achieve meaningful goals, and take actions which will lead to a productive and happy future.
  8. Strong Links to Employers
  9. 5 Perfectly Situated Campus locations across London: Each campus is based 5-7 minutes from a Bus, Tube or Train Station. Our modern buildings are equipped with facilities needed for students.
  10. External Validation: Regent College London delivers high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for students. We consistently exceed rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education. We are monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and are also inspected by Pearson twice per year, once via an Academic Management Review (AMR), and once via a Standards Verification process. We have had good outcomes on both in the last visits.


With 5 perfectly situated campuses across London, finding accommodation has never been easier. Students are able to live in great hotspots within their budgets, that are close to each campus. Some students choose to Rent accommodation, and we have a few tips that might come in handy when looking to Rent:

  1. Area
  2. Types of Renting
  3. Council Tax
  4. Security Deposit
  5. Exemptions

We always encourage students to complete thorough research when choosing to accommodate, there are a lot of factors to consider and our Student Services Team are always on hand to help.

Visa for International Students

Tier 4 is part of a points-based system for immigration. It is for migrants who want to study in the UK.If you know the Tier 4 (General) requirements and you want to make an application, you can go directly to the UKVI website, Depending on your nationality and circumstances, you may be able to study in the UK without needing to apply under Tier 4 (General) as an adult student. However, your ability to work while you are studying here may be restricted.

For more Information visit the UKVI website

Regent College London is a licenced Tier 4 Sponsor of the UKVI allowing it to sponsor eligible students to enter the UK. View our legal status letter.