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Student Spotlight Series: Delyana Georgieva Raykova, Health and Social Care student

For our Student Spotlight series this month, we caught up with Health and Social Care with Foundation Year student Delyana Georgieva Raykova. Delyana was very generous with her time and spoke in-depth about her positive, uplifting, and inspiring experience at RCL so far. She is currently in her first year of study, completing her foundation year. Let’s find out more about Delyana’s journey into higher education, her experience with the college, and what her plans are for the future after graduation.

What was your background before joining the college?

Unfortunately, due to country restrictions, I couldn’t gain any qualifications back home. There were laws that meant it wasn’t possible to gain the qualifications I wanted. However, I used to work in the services sector, for example, as a cleaner, or in a hotel. Sadly, when the pandemic hit the world, the services sector was hit hardest, as most places were closed due to restrictions, and I couldn’t complete much work.

That’s when I was at a crossroads. I completed research on what I could do next, I was then guided by a recruitment consultant, who showed me that I could gain qualifications to help me to do what I really want to, which is to work within the mental health sector. The recruitment consultant showed me a few colleges and universities, I then investigated the different courses offered – at 53 years old, I was shocked that I could still have the opportunity to study!

What made you choose RCL to pursue your studies?

Well, I looked at a range of institutions, and when I went onto the RCL website, I felt something special! As I’m completing the Health and Social Care with Foundation Year course, and don’t have the qualifications I would have liked, I love that it starts from the basic level. The level 3 modules prepare students to take a holistic outlook into the world of allied health. I feel as though the course has the correct modules to help me enter the healthcare sector. I am completing another course outside of my RCL studies which is focused on transpersonal psychology. The application process at RCL was very easy, when I had my interview, the staff member could see I was nervous and guided me extremely well throughout.

What has been your experience as an RCL student?

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at RCL, every member is great, from my tutors to the head of school, to the customer support team. They are always there to help. I’ve seen my fellow student peers struggle to ask for help because they feel a little shy, however, I always push them to ask for help, or try to raise their concerns for them. That’s the best feeling, knowing that there is help around the corner if you need it.

My virtual learning experience is good, it’s very easy to sit in my home and learn at my convenience, however, I would prefer to go onto campus. And I can’t wait to in September! It will be great to meet the RCL team and my fellow students in person. I study two days a week at RCL, every Wednesday and Thursday and they suit me perfectly. The flexibility is great as I am available to fit my day-to-day commitments around my study. When I get spare time, I like to read sociological books. But at RCL there are good opportunities and options to explore.

Do you find the co-curricular support and activities helpful to your learning?

Oh yes, I don’t miss any extra activities, I really enjoy attending them. I always aim to push myself and find the enrichment activities very helpful. I recently took part in the Ukraine fundraising event that RCL organized. It was such an uplifting event to help raise money for an important cause. I walked the event and the group I was with; didn’t want to leave each other. After the event, we went to a coffee shop to spend some more time together. I am thankful to have been part of such an amazing charity event.

What are your plans after graduation?

I have a dream of working within the mental health sector, I really want to help solve mental health issues that individuals may have. As I enjoy talking, I would like to explore counseling as it revolves around talking to people and going deeper into their psychological health; it truly fascinates me.  I particularly want to work with kids who have mental health problems, which is where my interest in transpersonal psychology comes in. However, I have spoken to the careers team, and they have suggested working with different age ranges so that I can get a feel for the mental health needs of different age ranges. I plan to volunteer at different mental health organisations.

What would your advice be to other students taking similar career paths?

Go for it! I didn’t believe it could be so easy and possible. I was worried about paying back my student loan, but with the help of the student finance team, the worry became less. It’s easy if you wish to learn, everything is possible. There is always help, you just need to ask.

What do you enjoy most about your course? Any modules that stand out?

All the modules are great! I particularly enjoy the conversations and discussions that come out of our tutorials because they show the difference in opinions, and I can learn from them. I really do like to talk to people who have similar interests and those who are from different cultures and ages, it’s interesting to listen to different opinions and voices. It’s great that we can share conversations relating to our course.

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