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Student Spotlight: Bela Bogacs

As part of our Student Spotlight Series, we recently caught up with Regent College London student Bela Bogacs about his experience with us and what he plans to do with his degree. Bela is a BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year student in his 2nd year of study. Find out more about Bela’s journey with RCL so far …

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What is your background (work experience, qualifications)?

I am a bilingual Romanian student who unfortunately never had the chance to attend university due to political reasons. I moved to the UK in 2004 with my family and started to work in health and social care, which I’m very proud of.

When I was working, I realised that I wanted to get back to the top of my career and that it required higher study.

What made you decide to study at RCL?

I Joined RCL for studying purposes, I had a dream of gaining a university degree. Also, because I realized whilst working, that something was missing, I wanted a degree to level up my career. My main aim was to support my experience with a qualification.

I chose RCL because it offers a great level of flexibility, although I had to step back from a managerial position, it gave me balance in my day-to-day life and allowed me to put my studies first. I currently work at an airport, whilst studying a Business Management degree. I believe my qualification with RCL will fit into my line of work. The flexibility at RCL is great as I work full time, often night shifts but I can study on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What has been your experience as an RCL student?

I appreciated the digital teaching, as we were in lockdown, we were still able to carry on with our studies virtually, and it did have massive benefits, but I did miss human interaction. I believe face-to-face interaction is much needed and I do prefer being in class.

Have there been aspects that you have found particularly helpful?

When I find the time to join co-curricular activities, I find them really helpful. Also, when I was taking part in Thinking into Character (TiC), I found it mind-blowing!

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy every module as they offer a good depth of knowledge and skills. I look to approach every subject with the same priority, and I realise that information I learned in the first years of study will be needed in the later years. The lecturers and professors engage students well, they are allowed to express their opinions, and RCL offers quality teaching.

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What do you plan to do next?

After finishing my studies with RCL, I am planning to follow more education and I aim to complete an MBA in business management.

What would your advice be to other students taking similar career path?

My advice to any student joining RCL is to trust the system, to follow up every opportunity offered by RCL as the institution has a vision and a very clear path supporting along with the academic studies, additional programs, mentioning TIC and the wide variety of SCOPE programs. Never give up as the path is not easy, but at the end of the day get your objectives clear, just follow them as it will worth every effort. Take every day, every week, and every semester as the first one, dedicate yourself as you did on day one. Consistency, hard work, commitment will lead to success. Remember, if you fail, that is just a way to make you stronger it is not the end of the road.

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