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Should I Take a Business Management Degree?

Business Management is one of the most popular degrees taken by Higher Education Students, it offers a lot to learn within the world of Business and its surrounding industries. Business is a very challenging and ever-evolving industry, one that sees many careers and progression opportunities. When successfully graduating with a Business Management Degree, some graduates can find themselves in top Business-related companies and can progress from entry-level candidates to managerial positions in a number of years. Business Management is quite a broad degree and many often question whether they should study this degree or invest into a degree with a particular specialism. Today, we’re going to breakdown the ins and outs of a Business Management Degree, and why it might just be the perfect course for you.

Should I take a Business Management Degree

What is a Business Management Degree?

You are probably wondering what even is a Business Degree? Well, as we just mentioned above, it’s quite a broad degree, it can cover a range of modules and industries from Economics, to Marketing to Computing! It is a degree that has a lot to offer and a lot to take advantage from. However, at the very core, Business Management is concerned with the way a company or organisation operates and functions. Management roles can differ from industry to industry, their purpose remains the same – to build and uphold a positive and affluent business.

Why should I take a Business Management Degree?

This is totally dependent on you and your goals and aspirations after taking a degree. Firstly, it’s always helpful to know what you’re going to study, and the modules covered when taking any kind of degree. You need to identify whether the study material will suit your choice in career. We offer a range of Business Management Degrees and Types from BSc to BA, with or without a Foundation Year and even HNDs and Top-up Degrees, whichever Business Management course you decide to take, we have the perfect range to suit you. Our courses are designed to cover a range of topics in Business Management and offers both practical and theoretical learning methods.
If you’re taking the degree as a complete beginner, Regent College are here to support you right from the beginning to the end, we will guide and shape your learning into the best it can be.

Benefits of taking a Business Management Degree:

If you’re still unsure of whether this is the degree for you, we’ve complied a little list of the Benefits of Taking a Business Management Degree:

  1. Development of Skills and Knowledge: Through taking a Degree, you will be able to gain a wealth of skills and knowledge, not just in your subject area, but beyond that, such as transferable skills, which can be used in everyday life.
  2. Broad Industry: As we have mentioned earlier, Business Management is a very broad degree, this is a benefit to those are slightly unsure of what career path to follow. By taking a Business Management degree, you’re giving yourself wider career opportunities in many different fields of Business.
  3. Competitive Edge: By taking any degree, you are giving yourself a competitive edge when looking for employment. You will be able to stand out from the crowd as you will have the qualifications to do so!
  4. High Demand: Business and its relating fields are always looking for new innovative employees and ideas, it’s an industry that sees constant changes, making it a lucrative sector.

What courses do Regent College London Offer?

We offer Business Management in four types; a degree with or without a Foundation Year, a HND and a Top-up Degree:

  1. BSc (Hons) Business Management
  2. BA (Hons) Business Management
  3. BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year
  4. BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year
  5. BSc (Hons) Business Management Top-Up
  6. BA (Hons) Business Management Top-Up
  7. HND in Business (Business Management)

The BSc Business Management Degrees with and without a Foundation Year also offers 5 different pathways which include:

  1. Supply Chain
  2. Marketing
  3. People Management
  4. Finance
  5. Retail

All degrees are either validated or awarded by Pearson, University of Bolton or Buckinghamshire New University.

What are the Entry Requirem/our-college/academic-partnerships/ents for the Business Management Degrees?

Entry Requirements for each Course can differ, they are dependent on the required UCAS Points attained, as well as the qualifications you currently hold. However, both Degree programmes require you to attend an academic interview as a part of our admissions process. Although we do have a set of Entry Requirements for each course, we may consider lowering them, if you perform well at the interview.


What about the Course Fees?

The fees for the Course’s also differ, they can be found on the pages of our Fees and Funding page.

Am I able to apply for Student Finance with this Degree?

Yes, you are able to apply for Student Finance. We have a specialist Student Finance team, who are highly qualified in helping you through the Student Finance process.

Business Management Job Opportunities

There are many career options within and around the Business Management Degree, a few of which include:

  • Business adviser
  • Business analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Corporate investment banker
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Forensic accountant
  • Management consultant
  • Project manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Supply chain manager

When and how can I apply?

Our enrolment process is easy and hassle free! Apply today to join our Regent College London campuses in, Central London, Harrow, Kingsbury or Wembley. Simply enquire about a course using our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch soon. Don’t wait any further, take the next step in your career today!