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Should I Study Further?

Are you looking to enter Further Study? Still not sure about it? We’re delving into all the reasons as to why studying that little bit more will prove beneficial to not only your career, but also to your personal life. Education is the best form of enrichment to some, it can take your professional career to new heights and open many new doors. It can also get a little confusing to differentiate between Higher and Further Study. So to put it simply, Higher Education (HE) includes qualifications up to Level 6 and typically a form of undergraduate study. Successfully completing levels of Higher Education can provide you with BA, BSc or BEng Degrees. Further Education (FE) on the other hand, is education past Level 6 and includes postgraduate study. Postgraduate study can include completing a Masters Degree or a PhD. Now, the real question is, Should you study further? Here’s a little list as to why you should …

why study higher education or further education courses in London

Change in Career Goals

A change in career can often lead to many opting to study further. With a change of career, you may want to excel your knowledge for that particular subject area and be the best you can be in your new career field. Completing a Master’s, PhD or other qualification gives your work a clear, focused goal which allows you to move upwards and towards a higher level of achievement.

Needed for Certain Careers

Alternatively, you may need to have a Postgraduate qualification for your chosen career. In many career fields, it is a requirement to have a Masters Degree or PhD to fulfil that particular role. For
example, within Law, to progress to a higher level in that profession, you would need to have studied for a Masters Degree/ Training Contract. Also in science subjects, but more so in the social sciences, a Masters or even a PhD is required to obtain research work in certain fields.

Boost your earnings

Many choose to study for a Masters or PhD to boost their career earnings. One of the great advantages is that, in the long term, further qualifications will undoubtedly lead to greater earning potential. In order to beat out the competition for that highly-paid job, you need to go above and beyond, and an extra qualification will demonstrate this dedication.

Enhance your abilities

By studying further, you are enhancing your abilities, skills and knowledge. Further education gives you the opportunity to increase your confidence, as you build your networking and communication skills through teaching, presenting and university events. Further education can give you the skills to really add value to your current work team, accelerating your professional development.

Flexibility to Study

At Regent College London, we offer a flexible timetable which runs Weekdays, Weekends and Evening Classes to help students fit in their studies around their busy life commitments. You will be given the fullest support to create a class schedule that fits your life. Talk to one of our team members about how you can create the best course schedule to meet your degree needs and your
life needs.

So are you convinced? We offer the following Masters degrees: MSc International Management, MSc Accountancy and Financial Management and Master of Business Management (MBA) and are always adding new courses to our portfolio. If you’re looking to gain more information, please feel free to give us a call on: 020 3870 6666.