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Self-care for Students

This a tricky time for everyone and we’re all trying to find ways to help us keep to some sort of normal, whether that’s trying to stick to your pre-covid routine as much as you can or discovering new hobbies to keep you entertained. For new and current students, it’s also a huge shift to your routines, you might not be able to see your friends as much and you might find yourself a little bit lost. For today’s blog post, we’ve put together a little list of self-care tips for you, our students.
Tips for Self-care for students at college and university

Organisation/Finding a Routine

Many of the self-help tips floating around is organising yourself into a new routine and we couldn’t agree more. Sticking to a routine gives your day structure and organising tasks and to-do lists will help manage your work flow. With a plan of action in place, you will feel less overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, and you can work through your list depending on your priorities and around your life commitments.

Relax and Refuel

Swiftly moving on to point two, which includes relaxing and refuelling. Many of us are working away at our computer screens for the whole day and then we look up towards the TV and then we switch to our phones, we’re constantly exposing ourselves to some sort of screen light. Which is why it’s important to take a little break away from our screens and do something we enjoy. Perhaps that’s taking a little walk to get some fresh air or spending some time reading. Baking has also been a popular trend during lockdown and you might just find it could be the hobby for you.


With most of us tucked in doors for many hours of the day, its always a good idea to reconnect with our friends and family. That can be through Zoom, Facetime, a simple phone call or meeting your loved ones safely. You will find that after catching up with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while may help you reconnect with yourself and add a sense of normality back into your life.

Physical Health

Its important to keep ourselves active, healthy, and moving. Exercising is a great way of keeping fit and keeping us away from our screens. We can now go back into gyms and workout there, having a workout partner is a great way to keep you motivated. However, gyms and the ‘typical’ exercise isn’t for everyone, but the best part is, you can find the activity you most enjoy doing and stick to it. Home workouts are great, convenient and pretty effective. There’s also walking which helps you get out and about, swimming, dancing, playing tennis or even jogging are also worth giving a go.

Mental Health

It’s also incredible important to look after our Mental Health. We should take care of our minds as much as we do our bodies, self-care is a great way to look after your mind and keep it healthy and happy. Things that you enjoy and help you relax are great activities to complete to look after your mental health. Many find reading and meditating takes their mind off any stresses. Others also find a digital detox a great away to switch off from our phones and the world of social media. Switching off your phone for the day or simply avoiding social media, may benefit you in ways you never thought it would. For Regent College London Students, we have a great Student Support Team who are always on hand to help with any mental health support you may need.

Motivation and Enjoyment

In such times, its always important to motivate and keep yourself going. By doing the things you enjoy!