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The aim of Regent Research Centre is to enable us to delve into the way people think. This will facilitate growth and encourage us to focus on what is most important: defining and pursuing a meaningful, principled life.

The centre is set up as a legacy to celebrate and build upon the great work of late Professor Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School. This is a man who has made an incredible and indelible impact on the worlds of business, of education, of economic development, of world peace, of global unity and beyond. His legacy will be continued on British soil with a view to seek further answers to his primary question:


Indeed, Clayton co-authored a publication with this same name with James Allworth and Karen Dillion; both are from Harvard Business School and award winning MBA graduates.

The centre will be a not for profit organisation incorporated within Regent College London, which is on a journey to become Regent Hill University in Great Britain, with its ethos.

The end result of education is character

Dr Selva Pankaj has been a student of Clayton for several years. Clayton inspired him by stating a simple truth asking him to study the natural laws and man-made laws. This resulted in Selva initiating his work to seek answers which resulted in his first book, Thinking into Character: A proven methodology for the creation of success and self-fulfilment. This publication plants the seed for inside-out education which will effect a positive change in habits which, in turn, will lead into results, which are in harmony with the laws of nature, truth and universal principles.

The inaugural project of the centre is to continue the great work that Clayton undertook as his life time work/mission was dedicated to study, education and the publication of various articles and books. Together, his contributions have helped millions of human beings globally answer that most fundamental question.

In Clayton’s words: The Jobs to be done

As always, take action: NOW!

Dr Selva Pankaj

Late Professor Clayton Christensen