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Regent College London’s Student Entrepreneurs Start Care Business

A few months ago Regent College London’s students Carmen Tobol and Radu Tobol achieved a very important milestone in their journey towards success. Their business Us4ALL Care was accredited by local authorities as a provider for Care services for disabled and the elderly.
A couple of weeks ago they had the opportunity to acquire their first client and issue their first invoice. It took them a while, but they did not forget the words of Dr. Selva Pankaj, CEO and Founder – Regent Group:
“You plant a tree and you have to wait three years to get the first fruit from it”
Us4ALL Care is a micro-business, but with a macro-heart. Carmen and Radu believe that in order to feel the taste of success it is important for them to have the sour taste of preparations.
In order to develop their knowledge and to gain best practices to manage their newly born organisation they attended the 41st edition The Business Show 2019 on 15th and 16th May. This was the first time Us4ALL Care was attending such a largescale event.
They attended several presentations and speeches at the event and it was a great experience for them. The found the presentation and tips on maximize the profit of the business very interesting and useful. The stand out message for them was never to stop networking.
The event was a great opportunity for Carmen and Radu to meet business owners in one place, interact with them and gain valuable knowledge and tips from them on promoting and expanding their business.
Both Carmen and Radu feel that it would be a great idea for students from Regent College to attend the 42nd edition of the event in November.