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Students participate in research project

In June 2016 students from Regent College were invited to participate in a research project being organised by two researchers from the University of Hertfordshire.
The two researchers – Karina Soubra and Sophie Jeffreys – worked with students to investigate responses by participants for their project entitled:
“Understanding the nature of rationality in patients with delusional beliefs”.
The project – overseen by Dr John Done from the University of Hertfordshire – engaged students in an analysis into their own closely held beliefs – whether these be vague superstitions like never walking underneath a ladder, or lucky charms they cannot live without – to assist in drawing up a test case analysis for use with patients who present within the Health Service with more debilitating obsessions. Students were ready to share their experience and were more than willing to support work which will have a very real impact on how the Health Service responds to the needs of patients, helping to restore them to good health.
The researchers were extremely pleased with the response, and pointed out how easy it was to work with the volunteers from Regent College. They reported that there was clearly a strongly committed student population, interested in issues beyond their own particular studies, who did not hold back in helping the community and contributing to the well-being of others.
The visits by the research team took place on 21/06/16 and 23/06/16, with a series of one-to-one interviews. The findings from the interviews will be presented as a final report, and this report will contribute to how the Health Service moves forward in its support for its patients who suffer from any form of delusional belief. Regent College and its students are proud to have participated.