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Regent College London wins OfS Mental Health Bid Competition

We are delighted to announce that Regent College London in collaboration with 10 other IHE providers have won the OfS mental health bid competition. Regent College will be the part of the Peer to Peer Support Project “Many hands’’ aimed to better support students facing barriers to sustained educational engagement and attainment due to mental health concerns. It will offer an accessible preventative, early intervention and ongoing support model to students.

Students from Regent College London will have access to the peer-to-peer online platform and peer-mentoring which is a proven way to improve mental health and prevention, through sharing lived experience and empathy, meeting positive role models and seeing that recovery is possible, tackles isolation and motivates people to commit to their own recovery. Peer mentoring also addresses the challenge of stigma, a substantive barrier to help-seeking.

This online service will be discreetly and remotely accessible, which will facilitate early intervention in mental health support and prevent escalation, also benefitting other students seeking to access the limited clinical mental health provision. Some of our student may have the opportunity to be trained as mentor or peer mentors which will help increase their sense of confidence and self-esteem, feeling appreciated and helping others through developing reciprocal relationships.

The launch of the project is planned for November 2021.

Read the press release from Independent Higher Education (IHE)