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Regent College London receives 90% in the National Student Survey 2021!

Great News!! The results of the National Student Survey 2021 were released and we are thrilled to announce that Regent College London received an amazing overall score of 90%, placing the college in the top 14% of higher education providers that were surveyed!

The National Student Survey is a survey carried out by Texunatech on behalf of the Office for Students, which surveyed over 4 million students in the UK regarding their higher education experience. There are many factors that students are asked about such as facilities and resources, teaching experiences and learning opportunities, and much more. The survey is based on what students think and how they see their higher education provider.

This is an excellent achievement for Regent College London, as not only did we receive a score of 90% for Overall Satisfaction, we improved on our results from the previous year and exceeded the sector wide score in all 9 themes, which include the teaching on my course, learning opportunities, assessment and feedback, academic support, organisation and management, learning resources, learning community, student voice and the student union.

Theme Results

The NSS aggregate responses to questions into themes.
National Student Survey 2021

Theme Results

Theme RCL Summer 2021 results (%) Sector Summer 2021 results (%) RCL Summer 2020 results (%)
The teaching on my course 91 80 80
Learning opportunities 90 79 80
Assessment and feedback 83 69 70
Academic support 86 74 78
Organisation and management 86 70 75
Learning resources 84 74 80
Learning community 84 67 76
Student voice 84 66 74
The student union 75 53 66

The survey was taken by 75% of eligible students at Regent College London and we cannot thank our students enough, both for their participation and their supportive responses. It is very encouraging to receive such positive feedback!