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Regent College London Events in July & August

In July and August, we ran 27 student enrichment sessions, with a total of 260 attendees. Our colleagues in the Academic Skills team introduced two new enrichment-focussed courses to the programme. 

Firstly, the paraphrasing boot camp was a day-long in-person workshop where students learned how to become paraphrasing professionals by using synonyms and changing word forms and sentence structure. This was the first workshop we have run for students in person, and it was an immense success with highly engaged participants who not only learned a lot but were able to connect with fellow students. 

The second addition to the programme, ‘Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing’, is aimed at level 5 and 6 students who are required to show skills in critical thinking in their assignments. The course comprises three sessions that focus on developing skills in evaluating texts and arguments, critiquing, and being a reflective learner. We received great feedback from our students as they found the course “very useful and informative.”  

Our two other new enrichment courses introduced this summer by ASK@Regent, English for Academic Purposes and English-Speaking Club was very well attended. Students enjoyed conversation sessions and said that their confidence has increased as a result! 

Our Personal and Professional Development Masterclasses continued in July with two workshops: ‘How to pitch an idea internally at work’ and ‘Managing your time and energy’. Students found these workshops “very constructive” and increased their motivation to keep studying. 

We had great feedback for the six-week Social Media Skills course in July. The sessions included working with big data, social media strategy and tools, and building your online portfolio. One student commented: “The presenter was highly informative. I learned lots of new information and am now able to use this information in my future ventures.” 

We will be back with a new enrichment programme for our students at the end of September, ready to offer more development opportunities to our current students!