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Tim Ehimare


Tim Ehimare

Tim Ehimare joined Regent College London in January 2022 as a lecturer in the School of Business and Enterprise and teaching on the Bolton University Programme. He is also a visiting lecturer at other institutions in the UK. He is a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Plymouth with a specific research interest in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development. He completed his MSc in Environmental Law and Management at the University of Brunel London, where he developed an interest in Environmental Advocacy and Authentic Leadership.


He studied Oil and Gas Management in his undergraduate degree and was awarded BSc with Honours by the University of Plymouth. He completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education at the Anglia Ruskin University London. Before coming to academia, he worked as an environmental adviser with several local authorities in England and as a marketer with multinational financial institutions-Western Union and Ria Envia.

Tim is an Educator and Environmental Consultant. Tim’s research interests are multidisciplinary, focusing on Management and Leadership, Environmental and Energy Policy, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development. Tim is also a Mentor and Coach for business managers and entrepreneurs on leadership and management. Tim has done extensive research on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Oil and Gas Industry which he started during his time as an undergraduate.

• Work and the Employment Relationship – BMP6005
• Professional and Academic Skills Development – BMP4001
• Information Systems and Big Data Analysis – BMP4005
• Business Environment- BAM4009
• Academic Skills and PDP – BMP3001