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Syed Ahmed

Programme Leader

Syed Ahmed

Syed Ahmed is a British settled person of Asian origin. He was born, brought up and educated in India and spent a large part of his career in India until his immigration to the UK under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP).


In India, Syed was in the permanent employment of a large financial conglomerate called LIC of India. In a career spanning two decades, he rose to the position of Divisional Manager of a large geographical territory.


Syed earned his MBA from JBIMS Mumbai, an institute occupying a position amongst the top 10 B-Schools of India. Teaching was his avocation and passion both. Whilst working as a Senior Executive, he was a part- time visiting faculty to several reputed B-Schools of India.


Upon moving to the UK, success eluded him in his existing line due to lack of British experience. He, therefore, took up teaching and by default it became his main line of profession! In a career spanning more than a decade, he has served in as many as seven colleges, all privately owned on Tier 4 license. At some places he held key positions such as Principal ESBM, Leicester and Principal WLVT, Cardiff.


Most lately, Syed who has a been a part of the academic team acts as an Academic Ambassador in his new role as Academic Support Officer, specializing in Accounts and General Management both . He is a voracious reader, a passionate teacher and a very amiable person . Syed sees himself as a steadfast, loyal crew of the Regent Vessel on a voyage to Regent Hill University.