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Dr. Samta Rai


Dr. Samta Rai

Dr. Samta Rai holds a Ph.D. degree in Organisational Psychology, a Master’s degree in Social Work and a First- class Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Honours). A distinction holder throughout her Ph.D. coursework and Master’s programme, Dr. Rai received both the Best Student (Criminology & Correctional Administration) Award as well as the Best Student (Social Work) Award in her Master’s studies. She also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Westminster). She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy besides having a Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) certification.

Dr. Rai is a dynamic, diligent, and proactive business lecturer with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She enjoys working in teams towards shared organisational goals. Dr. Rai uses her interdisciplinary ‘educational and research base’ to engage with her learners to help them achieve, progress, and reach their full potential. She is very passionate about teaching, student engagement, and research-related work. In the classrooms, she uses a variety of teaching methods to make her lectures learner-centric. Dr. Rai embeds different technological platforms in enhancing learners’ participation and engagement. She is currently active in research fields of blended learning, flipped learning and student engagement, and has many publications to her credit. She has an extensive experience in personal academic tutoring (PAT) and mentoring, as well as dyslexia training.

She is the recipient of the best teacher award for her outstanding achievement in a HE college in the UK in 2011.

Dr. Samta Rai has over 19 years of teaching experience across Levels 4 – 7 in the UK and abroad.  Since 2007, she has worked in various Higher Education colleges in the UK – teaching and supervising business courses at Higher National Diploma (HND), Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.  During these appointments, as a module leader, she has actively planned, designed, and delivered teaching activities for a wide range of business modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr. Rai also worked as part of a curriculum design and development team and collaborated with partner Universities. In her role as a module leader, she taught Level 6 BA top-up modules in partnership with the University of Northampton, and Level 4 and 5 business management modules in partnership with London Metropolitan University.  She is currently teaching the University of Bolton undergraduate business programme at Regent College London.

  • MSc – Academic Skills and Professional Practice
  • Level 5 – Enterprise, Innovation and Creativity
  • Level 5 – Project Management
  • Level 4 – Contemporary Issues in Marketing