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Mrs Ruheena Thasin

Associate Lecturer

Mrs Ruheena Thasin

‘Nine-Tenths of Education is encouragement’ – Anatole France. This proverb is close to my heart, encouragement has made me what I am today: a proud working mother and avid learner who gets joy by sharing knowledge. Encouragement and trust have helped me realise my potential.


Ruheena Thasin is a lecturer in the School of Business and Enterprise and holds a master’s in Marketing from the University of Hertfordshire. She has over ten years of experience, having worked in large IT companies. Before joining Regent in 2021, Ruheena worked as Finance and Marketing Manager for a large IT company based in Manchester. Along with her Master’s in Marketing, Ruheena is a qualified management accountant (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).


Ruheena has extensive experience in curriculum and scheme of work development and has substantial experience in delivering modules remotely. Along with academics, Ruheena takes a keen interest in sports and literature and is a trained national-level athlete.

Ruheena Thasin is keen to pursue her interests in research and has submitted her proposal for a Ph.D. Her topic of research could help organisations overcome factors affecting operational level management hierarchy, which could contribute to the overall success of the organisation.


Ruheena has taken part in and won a business enterprise competition for her innovative business plan related to health and wellbeing and was awarded a grant for further research and development. During her master’s in 2010, Ruheena researched and presented how Twitter which was at a nascent stage, could be effectively used as a marketing tool for global reach. Her presentation was very well received, and the organisation she used for research implemented these findings and increased their business manifolds with less marketing spend.


Ruheena is a sports enthusiast and has won medals and honours for her achievements in athletics.

Product and Service Development, Integrated Marketing Communication, Research Project, Planning for Growth, Weekly Seminar.